Online Casinos: The Unwritten Rules

Online Casinos: The Unwritten Rules

Three Best Ways to Play

Having a healthy attitude towards gambling and playing safely is all about common sense.  Check out our tongue-in-cheek Top Three rules for playing at online casinos.

Rule 1: Know When to Stop

This rule applies to newbies and pros alike and is probably one of the simplest to understand but hardest to follow.  We’ve all had that feeling of invincibility whilst enjoying a winning streak; the sensation that we can put no foot wrong and cannot fail to continue raking it in. However, rest assured, not only can we start to falter but we can do so spectacularly!

It could be greed or it may be over-competitiveness but when you have made a tidy sum try at some point to lower yourself down from the heady heights of euphoria and get back in touch with reality. Follow the simple rule of quitting whilst you are ahead and end the day as a worthy winner as opposed to an inept loser.

Rule 2:  Stick to Your Limits

One way to curb your impulsiveness and keep to your game plan is to set and stick to a spending limit.  It can be far too easy to get caught up in a game, feeling that you just need to carry on for another round or two or continue to spin it to win it. If you’re on a losing streak you may be tempted to continue playing in order to recoup your losses.

Resist the temptation to remortgage your house, steal from your kids’ college fund or spend a bit from your imminent winnings. However close you feel to your next big win, stick to your betting limit and remember that getting into debt is certainly no laugh.

Rule 3:   Read the Small Print

There are some great online casino bonuses and promos out there but although the payouts and prizes may lure you in, don’t spend a dime until you’ve checked out the small print. 

Most promos have wagering requirements and conditions attached; cashing in your winnings is rarely straightforward.  In order to avoid disappointment or getting tied into to a long term relationship when you only wanted a fling, read the promo terms before wading in.

Follow our three golden rules of playing at online casinos to make sure that you retain a healthy relationship with online gambling.

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