Online Poker - Know Your Limits

Online Poker - Know Your Limits

Figure our how much to bet.

Once new online poker players have figured out the rules and picked up a playing strategy or two they need to focus on understanding how to bet.

The excitement of poker may push you to the edge but this is one game where knowing your limits is crucial.

Poker Limits

A 'limit' in poker is the amount a player can bet. Different game variants and tables have different limits available; here are three limits online poker newbies should know about.

No Limit

Texas Hold 'em is a breathtaking version of poker that is the most televised of all the variants. Part of the thrill is that players have no limit on the amount of chips they can bet in each round - the only rules are that each round the amount must be at minimum the size of your last round's bet and as much as the big blind.

Pot Limit

This limit sees the size of the pot influencing your bet. You can only bet or raise up to or equal to the amount that is in the pot. You can bet any amount up to and including the size of the pot.

Fixed Limit

You'll see a lot of these games at the online poker halls as these offer controlled, fixed betting. Here you can only bet or raise according to the stated table level (which is equal to the blind). Great for newbies - no need to fret over how much to bet, just whether to bet or not in the first place.

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