Personal Finance/Budget

Personal Finance/Budget

This lesson's importance cannot be overstated. We offer basic rules to help you keep on top of your budget, avoid losing uncontrollably and even maximize winnings.

Part of keeping gambling fun involves knowing your limits, and "budgeting" your funds. If you are unable to control your finances, you may lose more money than you have, or develop an addiction. The following techniques are recommended in order to maintain control over your finances, and never lose sight of gambling's fun side:

Set up a safe account
A good way to ensure that you will have money to your name no matter how much you gamble is setting up a "safe" account. A safe account is a checking account that doesn't have Internet banking, credit card, or debit card facilities. When you receive your wages, set aside a limited amount of money for gambling and recreation, and put the rest into the safe account. This way when your gambling money runs dry, you won't be able to eat away the rest of your hard-earned salary.

Set up a maximum daily deposit limit
Gambling online with your debit card has an important advantage over other payment methods... Before you begin gambling, contact the casino support line, and set a daily deposit limit for your card. This will guarantee that you don't spend more money than you have when gambling, and once you've reached your limit, to continue gambling only if you're winning additional funds.

Cash out frequently
If you're on a losing streak and nearing your gambling limit, leave. If you're on a winning streak however, cash out small amounts of your winnings as you go. This way you not only avoid leaving empty-handed, but you even ensure yourself extra gambling funds for next time.

Look for special deals
Be on the lookout for casino games that have calculated bets for maximizing the value of your gambling budget. Also, promotional offers and bonuses can give your gambling budget a boost. One helpful resource to consult is the elementary school lesson where we list for you the casino games with the highest odds, hence those most profitable to play.

It is important to remember that gambling is a recreational activity - not an occupation! Winning is naturally its most rewarding aspect, yet losing money is just as natural, so don't rely on winnings as your income. Once you stop having fun, it is a sign that you are losing control over your finances. The most enjoyable gambling experience is a responsible one!

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