Play Your Cards Right in Online Poker

Play Your Cards Right in Online Poker

When to hold'em and when to fold'em.

The way you play your starting hand in online poker can make or break your entire game not to mention your fortunes.

Beginner online poker players need to master this side of their game.

Top Three Starting Hands

If your first two cards are as follows you want to raise.

  • Pocket Rockets - two aces might take you to profitable places.
  • Cowboys - two kings could lead you to good things.
  • Ladies - two queens facing could set your heart racing.

Different versions of online poker have varying game features and odds. Variants such as Texas Hold'em are quickly learnt but it takes time to refine your play. Learning when to play a hand is crucial.

Hands to Call With

If you get dealt these cards it's best to see the first three cards (flop) before deciding on whether to play on with them:

  • Ace and Jack
  • King and Queen
  • Queen and Jack

Follow your Hunches

If you feel unsure about your hand it is better to fold than lose. At least you'll retain your chips for a stronger hand.

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