Playing for Fun

Playing for Fun

Even when about to graduate from the Elementary School study program, we realize you are not fully prepared to enter the casino and place your bets. Thus we suggest you try the Play for Fun mode first. This is how you do it.

No matter how much we might say otherwise, you are probably not entirely sure about what you are about to go through. This is absolutely legitimate. We support this sentiment on your behalf. Accordingly, we suggest you try out the free, fun-only games that online casinos offer.

Play for Fun modes are the best way to go for several reasons. Before putting any money down or committing to anything – online gambling in general, a specific casino or some particular game - the Play for Fun mode helps solve some perplexity, if not it all.

You will surely find out that the online casino still requires opening an account to play even at the Fun Mode. Opening an account does not mean putting any money down, not to mention losing any of it. You can open an account and install the casino software without committing, to have access to the games and to the casino site in general.

When asked if to download the software - usually a download not large in size or lasting more than a minute or two – choose OK. Follow the stages that follow, not more than two such stages for the download destination and possibly the computer system you are working with. Then choose your username and password with which you will be able to log in to the online casino and later, only once you have one, manage your account.

Don’t forget to enter an email address when asked. The online casino's promotion section will send you alerts and specials with ways to maximize profits. If you are a part of the casino, you also want to be part of the club.

As for playing, the Fun Mode is simply such - FUN. No money down is no money lost. You can learn the game and get acquainted with the interface on your own terms, at your pace and with help and tips along the way, namely from the later lessons at the study program, before going at it, prepared, informed and truly ready to roll.

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