The Speed of Gambling

The Speed of Gambling

Casinos make more money out of speedy players. High school graduate players should know better. So slow down, take a breath and take heed of our advice for slowing down.

Many players attempt to reduce the house advantage by swotting up on gambling strategies and game odds. There is, however, a less well-known tactic that gamers should bear in mind and that's to reduce the speed with which they play.

Casinos are all in favor of fast games - games with as many deals, throws and spins per hour as possible. The reason being that the faster you play, the more chances the casino has at reducing your bankroll. Logic follows that if you reduce the number of bets you make per hour, your money will last longer and you will lose less.

Players who compare the house edge for separate games are often failing so see the bigger picture. What they should also be taking into consideration is the number of spins, bets or decisions per hour - the higher this figure is, the more they are likely to lose.

It makes sense, therefore, that casinos (both land-based and online) do whatever they can to increase the speed of their games. The most obvious way of doing this is to teach their dealers to work ultra-fast. And online, to ensure their casino software operates at a continuously fast pace. The industry has even gone as far as to come up with new innovations such as the automatic continuous shuffling machine (CSM) which enables casinos to deal 20% more hands per hour.

Slot players particularly can now play even faster following the introduction of new machines. Pushing in coins one by one is now a thing of the past. Players can insert a bill into the machine and keep pressing the credit and spin buttons up to an incredible 1,000 spins per hour.

Slowing the pace of your games is easy to say but harder to actually do in practice. The following tips might help you to take things a little more slowly.

Always play at busy tables and avoid continuous shuffling machines like the plague!

If given the choice between a single deck manually shuffled game or a 6 or 8 deck game dealt from a dealing shoe, always go for the former as every manual shuffle serves to slow down your game.

When choosing which version of the game to play, go for Pai Gow Poker if you can as the game is slow-moving which will work in your favour.

Only bet on the bank hard after it wins - this will have the effect of decreasing the number of bets per hour by as much as half.

Use the handle rather than hitting spin, cash out frequently and feed in coins one by one rather than using the bill accepter of playing on credits.

So hopefully, these words of wisdom will help you to slow down your game and stay one step ahead of the house. Good luck!

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