Three Steps to a Winning Gambling System

Three Steps to a Winning Gambling System

You can leave any casino as winner, if you go in with the right system and stick to it. Winning systems will include clear caps on winnings and losses, proper use of the casino's comp policy, and self-discipline.

Capping your Wins and Losses

The first step to building a good gambling system is to limit your risk. Before you start to play, decide how much you can afford to play with; this is your gambling budget. Within that budget, you'll need to make another decision: how much can you afford to lose, and how much do you want to win. These are your win/loss caps.

The loss cap is the simpler of the two; it tells you when to stop playing. If you set your gambling budget at $100, and decide that you can afford to lose $60, then you should stop gambling when you have $40 left in your casino account. The winnings cap is a little more complicated; it tells you when to cash out. The winnings cap should match your loss cap, so using the previous example, if you start with $100, you should cash out when you reach $160. At that point, what you do is up to you; you can pocket the $60 and continue playing with your original budget, or you can stop for the time being.

The Comp Policy

The second step in a good gambling system is to understand your casino's comp policy. Comps are all the little gifts that a casino gives its regular players. In a land based casinos, these can include hotel rooms, restaurant meals, or cash giveaways; online casinos use cash bonuses, free games, and gift certificates as comps.

When you start gambling, make sure that you ask what comps you're eligible for. These gifts and freebies will help to minimize the impact of your losses and boost up your winnings, all for no risk to yourself. And how to get good comps? That's easy; you just need to ask. Simply contact your online casino's customer support, and request a comp: a cash bonus, a gift card, whatever you might like, and ask what you're eligible to receive based on your level of play. Casino's want to keep you happy, and they are usually willing to offer modest comps to regular players.

Self Discipline: the Key

This last step is the most important. Having a good gambling system, setting caps on your winnings and losses, and requesting comps are all important, but in order for all of it to work, and leave you coming out the winner, you must have the self discipline to stick to your plan.

Setting, and keeping, limits on your losses and cash-out limits on your winnings, will ensure that you never bet more than your gambling budget. Taking advantage of all the comps that your casino offers will help to offset any losses you take at the games. And having the discipline to keep to your plan will have you smiling all the way to bank.

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