Top Three Poker Tips for Beginners

Top Three Poker Tips for Beginners

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Forget complex strategies and tips from the pros, newbies need to get the basics right when playing online poker before they work on other parts of their game.

Forget Winning, Just Lose Less!

Rather than aiming for a big win, newcomers to the online poker game need to first focus on reducing their losses! There are simple tactics new poker players can learn to do this, our three top tips are listed below.

  1. Check out the competition: You quickly get a feel for the company around the table, even during online play. If the play seems too quick and the level seems to high, don't stick around to be fleeced; move on to another table pronto.
  2. Play at the right level:Poker tables are aimed at different bankrolls. Before joining a table make sure the blinds are affordable. Sitting at the right table means that the betting is within your comfort zone and will allow you to focus on your game rather than fret about your finances.
  3. Limit your hands:Don't flog a dead horse - only play those hands that have a chance of coming through for you. Save your funds for those hands that don't rely on luck to win but are strong hands in their own right.

This Top Three is actually taken from a Top Ten - want to find out the remaining seven online poker tips for beginner players? Cool Hand Poker has a great online poker school, positively brimming with articles, advice, rules and strategies.

Check out their Top Ten Poker Tips to find the remaining advice for beginner players and take the opportunity to browse around the rest of the site for other valuable advice.

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