What are Live Dealer Casinos

What are Live Dealer Casinos

Face real-life dealers as you play online. Live Dealer Casinos: what are they, who plays them and why should I?

There is a new revolution for gamblers online that offers more than the mechanical spin or dealing of cards from an ambivalent computer dealer. Now players looking for a land based casino feeling can have it right in their living room or wherever their computer may be.

So what are live dealers?

Just exactly what it sounds like, in this type of gaming atmosphere, a live dealer via a webcam, chatbox and microphone allows players to interact not only with the dealer themselves but also the players at the table with them.

Some casinos have better interfaces than others and seemingly Playtech casinos are coming out on top, but the setup is mainly the same. You will see three boxes on the same screen. One will be a streaming video screen of the dealer, a real-time chat box and the view of the table itself.

Who will I be playing with?

Many regular online gamblers are joining in this new wave of the Internet gambling wave, but more and more players who crave the "Las Vegas" or "Monaco" atmosphere in their own homes have signed on.

Expect to see higher bets and bigger pots, as most people feel more comfortable being able to see the tables played or wheel spun, etc. There is a sense of more trust and comradeship between the dealer and players in these games, but beware; just as in real life, if a table is full, you will have to wait your turn until a seat has opened up.

What games can be played?

Blackjack: As the most popular game hands down, the dealers use over-sized cards which the camera can pick up on and/or zoom in on when the hand is dealt. Many players feel more at ease when they see a dealer cut and shuffle the cards in front of them rather than rely on random shuffling of a computer algorithm.

Roulette: Unlike blackjack which may have slower playtimes waiting for each players hand, there is a set time limit to roulette live dealer games. If you miss the time limit, you will have to wait until the next spin.

Baccarat: Betting on two hands, "player" and "banker" hands, money is made if hand you placed money on wins or not resulting in a even 1:1 payout. There is also a tie bet which if bets are placed on both hands and they tie, an 8:1 payout is possible. However, a tie usually occurs once out of every ten hands.

Sic bo: This ancient Chinese game is not as well known as the former games and usually not a full table played online or land based, but played right, can be quite profitable. Wagers are bet on the outcome of the three dice roll. Players choose chip size, then place corresponding bets on tiles and wait for dice roll outcome to see what has been won or lost.

So why should I play?

Well, there are plenty of reasons but each person has their own individual taste. For some, there are superstitions that real humans spinning or dealing equal better luck and odds while others believe their strategy deals with various dealers and the way they deal individually.

Perhaps though, the greatest draw of all is the joy that you can share in real time and with audio with players just like you all over the world without ever having to leave your own home, which to some is a jackpot in and of itself.

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