Security and Technology

Watching out for the online gambling community

Digital commerce is highly dependent on technology companies to roll out security solutions to combat the threat of cyber criminals. Considering the volume of data and payment processing handled by online gambling operators, this is a fundamental need for the industry as a whole.

Operators are obviously concerned with safeguarding their interests, but it should also matter to them that players are protected as well. After all, there would be no industry if players were to say goodbye en masse. Thankfully, of course, the industry is one that prioritises the on-going advance of security and technology.

Anti-fraud and Verification

Anti-fraud services feature prominently among the companies featured in this area. For starters, they can support gambling operators by providing digital infrastructures that are intended to verify the legitimacy of players. Money laundering is often mentioned as a threat to the industry, and anti-fraud companies help to combat that.

This is where verification comes in: so as to ensure that online credit card passwords are applied when necessary. At the same time, anti-fraud allows for the verification of players’ identities. The top-level companies do so by comparing player information with banking databases, while also delivering document verification systems to ensure further confirmation.

Preventative Measures

Some of the companies featured here have developed systems that are actually capable of identifying fraudulent payments. If the system is not satisfied that a payment is legitimate, then it is in fact possible to block the transaction entirely. Geo-location principles are often utilised in this approach, but unusual behavioural patterns can also be analysed.

Underage gambling can be an issue in some gambling markets, which is why security and technology companies are also lending support in this area. In scrutinising player data and demanding thorough verification, it may often be possible to prevent an underage player from signing up in the first place.

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