Featurespace is a company spun off from the Cambridge University Engineering Department that has developed innovative software to detect and prevent online fraud.

Featurespace is an innovative tech company that deals with fraud prevention across many markets including online gambling and has developed a unique system that can detect unusual behaviour by card and e-wallet users.

About Featurespace

Originally part of the engineering department at Cambridge University, Featurespace became a separate entity in 2008 when Betfair signed on as a client. Founded by university professor  and Head of Applied Statistics and Signal Processing, Bill Fitzgerald and PhD student Dave Excell, Featurespace now has companies such as William Hill, Camelot and Openbet as clients, along with major credit card issuers and payment solution providers.

How It Works

Featurespace produced the first Adaptive Behavioural Analytics engine, known as ARIC, which uses complex algorithms and data gathering to filter out potentially fraudulent online payments and activities.

ARIC analyses data in real-time to allow clients to spot issues as soon as they arise, blocking fraud the moment it occurs and preventing completion of transactions, while also smoothing out the processing of legitimate payments. The software has been credited with reducing fraud by 70%, while also cutting the time needed to deal with these activities by around half.

Different Solutions For Each Market

ARIC Responsible Gaming is tailored to detect online gambling problems, whether  these are deliberately fraudulent or indications of a player who may be getting into trouble, and ARIC Accept is software that optimises the payment channels for higher acceptance rates of legitimate payments, increased revenue for clients and a smoother transaction process for their customers.


More Information

Would you like to learn more? Visit the following link for more details and information: featurespace.co.uk.

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