A customer retention platform that will establish which campaign is ideal for individual customers for higher retention rates and more spending.

Optimove is a customer retention platform that uses micro-segmentation technology in order to provide the best marketing campaign to each individual customer, with the goal of increasing retention rates and encourage spending from existing users. The software can be used to maximize revenue and increase the number of active customers online.

How it works

Customer retention and user spending are two of the main targeted factors when it comes to marketing and while large campaigns can cover a variety of clients, each of them has a unique set of preferences and requirements. Optimove provides a software that automatically chooses the optimal campaign for each individual in order to increase conversion and offer customers what they are most interested in. Different people are motivated by different incentives and this way the most effective strategy is chosen on a one-to-one customer level.

This is also used to increase the amounts spent by existing customers, reduce churn and even bring back customers who left for various reasons. Each marketing campaign is evaluated and used for improving future strategies with the self-learning optimization engine.

Becoming a retention hero

Optimove encourages clients to give the software a chance and the website even features an Academy section where interested customers can learn how to make the most out of it. The customer modeling technology provides data regarding LTV prediction, churn analysis, cluster analysis and cohort analysis in the form of interactive dashboards in order to see it work in real time for more insight.

A one-to-one web demo can be requested from the Optimove website right now.

More Information

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