A leading provider of telephone verification services to online companies.

TeleSign was founded in 2004 and is based in Beverly Hills, CA. Their goal of leading the way as a Telephone Verification enterprise has made them a big player in the fraud prevention market. By providing online gaming operations with Telephone Verification on domestic and international numbers, operators can function with greater efficiency. With more than 467 millions processed transactions in multiple sectors, TeleSign is a market leader.

But it's their online gaming activities that are drawing attention. With high risk factors involved and many con artists trying to manipulate and defraud gaming sites, security is of paramount importance. TeleSign's Telephone Verification service helps keep fraudsters out of gaming sites user bases. The PhoneID service limits users to specific geographic regions avoiding VOIP, as opposed to IP services which may be manipulated by anonymous platforms. No more multiple sign-up bonuses from the same users plus it eliminates most risks of those undesirable users.

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