Alfaplay is a Russian company that provides top quality online casino gaming software.

Alfaplay provides a software package which is made up of the client part written in FLASH and a server part which is hosted by the company. One installed to be a part of the casino, it means that games can either be played directly on the browser or via casino download.

Alfaplay’s game package is a huge one. It is composed of 90 games which is enough to populate any online casino. The games also features game banners which are interactive and gives customers the feel of being in a full-pledged brick and mortar casino. That’s something that players always enjoy whenever they visit an online or an offline gambling site and so is a great way to draw in patrons. What’s another great bonus is that if you own several casinos, you may distribute the games on your sites to cater to more audience, which means more profit and smart business management.

Games in the Alfaplay arsenal is generally divided into 3 categories, roulette, video poker and slots machines. The slots machines are considered to be the best in the industry. With superb game mechanics, excellent graphics and outstanding sounds, they truly are the best. Board games by Alfaplay also has the same merits as the slots machines but is geared to the more traditional crowd. As for video pokers, there are multi-line video poker and single-line ones, catering to whatever players may prefer.

Alfaplay Online Casinos

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