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Lottonetix, a lottery software provider, offers a number of solutions for online gaming operators that want to get into the lottery market. The solutions from Lottonetix are secure, scalable, robust and can be adapted to the needs of all operators. This provider allows operators to create an entirely new platform or lotteries can be integrated into an existing platform.

Available Products

Lottonetix offers several different products including a ticketing system, betting system, rewards systems and even a complete website design. The ticketing system allows customers to purchase lottery tickets online. The betting system enables customers to choose favourite numbers and to use those same numbers for future lotteries. The rewards system creates a loyalty/VIP scheme for online gaming providers and the website design allows for full integration of lotteries into an existing website.

Features of LottoNetix

Other than an impressively fast lead time of just 10 days, Lottonetix also comes in with 12 languages straight out of the box. Gaming operators will have access to a fully functional payment system so players can easily purchase their lottery tickets. Operators can also access lottery data feeds that provide customers with the most up to date jackpot amounts, scheduling, historical data and more. LottoNetix also provides analytics and reports that follow player behaviour enabling operators to better provide for their customers. All of the regulation and licensing issues are handled by the team at LottoNetix. This team ensures that the platform is operating correctly and will resolve any issues that arise. In addition, the Lottonetix team ensures that the platform is compliant with all regulations and all licensing is up to date.The Lottonetix team can be reached at

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