All You Need to Know About Progressive Jackpot

Published October 5, 2009 by OCR Editor

All You Need to Know About Progressive Jackpot

Get the lowdown on the casino world's most sought after prize.

They're known for providing sky high payouts which hit the news headlines and produce overnight millionaires. At Online Casino Reports we love the buzz of these continually building bonanzas; read on to get the lowdown on these casino thrillers.

History of Progressive Jackpots
With the advent of new microprocessor technology, progressive slots jackpots burst onto the scene in the early 1980's. In 1986 the first multi-site linked progressive slots, Megabucks, was unleashed on the world and the rest, as they say, is history.

The excitement of an ever increasing jackpot was an instant hit and with the creation of a linked pot the potential winnings became ever more enticing.

The Concept of Progressive Slots
Progressive slots is a simple idea: each time you spin the reels a percentage of your bet is added to a central jackpot. This pooled kitty is then won by whoever gets the stated jackpot combination; usually five of the highest value symbols.

The concept of progressive jackpots has been embraced by a host of other casino favorites and you can now place additional progressive bets in games such as blackjack and poker. These bets are won if you gain a specific hand - usually the highest scoring, for example, a Royal Flush.

Progressive jackpots are now commonplace in land based casinos but have really come into their own over the net. Online casinos offer the advantage of massive, worldwide progressive jackpot games. These massive pay-ins lead to incredible pay-outs and their totals can build at an incredible rate.

Progressive Slots: The Pros and the Cons
Punters should be aware that due to the fact that a percentage of the bet is siphoned off into the jackpot that game payouts are generally lower than for other, non progressive machines.

On the other hand, you buy into the chance of a life-changing prize.

Progressive Jackpot Playing Tips
Although it may be tempting to chase the high jackpots as a betting strategy, most suggest that, due to the lower payouts, it is better to reserve a portion of your funds for progressives and play the remainder on machines with generally higher payouts. This way you are spreading your bets and betting sensibly.

To find out the highest and rising progressive jackpots, get on the Money Train.

Progressive slots have come a long way, but one thing's for sure, online progressive jackpots offer the punter the biggest thrills and the lure of mouth watering prizes.

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