About Us

About Us

Our purpose is to enrich gamblers' lives by providing a sharing community, advantageous services, useful guides, rich-media broadcasts, step-by-step guides and many other special features.

Online Casino Reports - Where Gamblers Meet
Welcome to Online Casino Reports, where we provide a comprehensive, friendly and free sharing application for you and for the online gaming community. We are a website for the gambling community, by the gambling community, and about the gambling community.

Experience Makes a Difference
We launched the site in 1997. The web, online gambling, and the site have all changed considerably since. We too have changed, as we have now morphed from web portal to a network of portals. Out new site design has debuted in June 2014, and we hope you'll enjoy this updated, easy-to-use version of our international and local sites, no matter what language you speak.

Becoming a Network
We have changed more than just our looks. Based on the strength of our main site, Onlinecasinoreports.com, we have expanded to over 65 different locales, to which we cater specialized, localized services in over 35 different languages. No matter if you're a Russian, Spanish, German, Malaysian, Thai, or Slovakian player, we've got a site dedicated just for you. International players around the world can find news, information and reviews in their language, on a local site under the OCR Network.

What We Do
In addition to news coverage from across the industry, we provide valuable resources and services, including real-time jackpot meters, rich-media gambling guides and lessons, an active discussion forum, personal spaces with blogs and tag clouds and other terrific features.

Who We Are
You can meet us on the website's pages, as we bring you the news stories, game guides, casino reviews, videos, bonus and promotional offers and more. Alternatively, visit our team's page and meet the staff that is responsible for the pages you visit and read.

What We Stand For
We set up the OCR Blog so that we will have another channel to talk to you and tell you about the site's features, products and technology; to share our vision and editorial stand on matters relating to gambling, and report special promotions.

Where You Come In
Our team is dedicated to bringing people together around their common hobby and experiences. In other words, we are dedicated to you. We cannot spell commYOUnity without YOU.

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We appreciate the membership of every new registered user at Online Casino Reports. Thank you for joining us!

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