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A real gem of the online gaming industry is its sports betting sector, whose innovative games, exciting markets, riveting wagers, and unique gameplay never fail to excite. These reviews, insights, tips, tricks, and breakdowns will lead you to the safest and most fun online sports betting sites. Dive into the world of online sportsbooks and learn everything you need to know for an unforgettable gaming adventure.

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Sports betting has been around for millennia. The punters of antiquity wagered on the outcome of physical matches between two individuals, the racing of chariots, and the racing of horsemen. The allure of gambling was not overshadowed even by enormous events such as the Olympic games or occasions at the Colosseum. However, placing wagers and picking up winnings was not always smooth sailing. Punters often got into physical altercations regarding payouts and the results of sporting events. Bookmakers often disappeared with the bets and left punters high and dry. Street gangs and other hooligans often extorted money or outright stole wagers.

Things became far more civilized over the centuries, with dedicated organizations, occasionally tied to the local mafia or criminal organizations, enforcing stability and fair gambling practices. As the entire sphere went digital in the early 1990s, sports betting reached new heights of elegance, accessibility, and comfort.

1996 saw the emergence of Intertops, the first online sportsbook. These humble beginnings with very simple technology blossomed in the 2000s when more sportsbooks covering a more comprehensive range of sports and betting options appeared. The 2010s brought sports betting to the small screen with dedicated mobile solutions and mobile-friendly platforms. This rise in popularity was accompanied by the emergence of esports, VR, AR, and even computer-generated sporting events. We believe that it is time that you add your piece to this story, and we are here to help you do just that.

The Makings of the Best Bookmakers

Punters used to be very limited when it came to bookmakers. The sportsbooks that were around were those at race tracks or sporting events, often hidden in dimly lit alleys or small rooms. Modern sports punters have the luxury of having access to countless online bookmakers, which paradoxically makes finding a bookmaker difficult due to the magnitude of choice. We believe that you should value the following characteristics when considering your next sportsbook:

  • Licensing and Regulation - You should always stick to reputable bookmakers that are licensed and regulated by top-tier authorities. This ensures their fairness, security, and adherence to respectable gambling practices.
  • Wide Range of Sports - Your chosen bookmaker should cover a plethora of classic and modern sports, including football, soccer, basketball, tennis, American football, ice hockey, and even esports. Note that we have an entire article on esports if you want to dive into this incredibly popular sports betting subgenre.
  • Variety of Events - Access to international and local events is also crucial. Being able to bet on major leagues, tournaments, international competitions, and even something as simple as the NHL is the bare minimum. Note that there should also be options for real-time wagers and direct streams of unfolding events.
  • Multiple Betting Markets - Betting markets allow you to make a variety of bets within each event. Said betting options include moneylines, spreads, totals, prop bets, futures, and even live betting.
  • Competitive Odds - Shop around and compare the odds of various online sportsbooks. You should always choose favorable odds, even if the payouts are slightly lower.
  • Bonuses and Promotions - A solid bonus or promotion cannot guarantee a win, but it can definitely prolong your gaming fun. You should, at the end of the day, value the experience of playing more than the prospect of winning. Expect welcome bonuses, free spins, and ongoing promotions.

We will explore these and other key characteristics further in the upcoming sections. If you at any point encounter a segment that leaves you scratching your head, please check out our FAQ section or continue to the next section, as the answers to your questions might be present there.

Enjoying Streams and Live Bets

While there are countless online sites offering amazing live streams of sporting events, such as Twitch, YouTube, and your local streaming service, we expect the best sportsbooks to offer in-house streams. These can be as simple as displaying a third-party stream as long as the said stream is up to par. The commentators have to be knowledgeable, fun, and unbiased.

Watching a stream while relaxing on your couch is the perfect time to place live bets or in-play bets. These allow you to partake in action in real-time, which is perfect for exploiting openings in the market and gameplay. Typical bets in this category include next goal, point, or play bets.

A niche feature is the cash-out option, which allows you to settle your bet before an event concludes. If you want to take your live bets even further, you can access your online sportsbook via your chosen iOS or Android device.

Picking the Right Bonus

You should never pick a bonus simply because it offers a lot of funds or quick access to a game that you want to play. You should pick a bonus because it adds a nice boost to your bankroll while also having achievable wagering requirements. Online sportsbooks often have bonuses and promotions that are identical to those of online casinos, with the most popular ones being:

  • Welcome bonuses - These often come in packages or bundles, with the focus being on deposit matching based on percentages. You might also get a few free spins or coins for side games.
  • Deposit bonuses - These are similar to welcome bonuses, with a specific percentage and amount of your deposit being matched.
  • Free bets - These usually come in smaller deals, with the winnings being heavily limited. Note that you will only be able to play select games.
  • No-deposit bonuses - These are small sums or free bets given to new players. They do not require any form of commitment. Note that their withdrawals are highly limited.
  • Reload bonuses - These are meant as rewards for loyal punters who consistently deposit funds. The modus operandi is similar to deposit-matching bonuses.
  • Cashback bonuses - The idea behind these is that a certain percentage of your funds is returned to you after a certain gaming period. They most often come up before weekends, holidays, and other popular gambling occasions.
  • Enhanced odds or price boosts - These are temporary promotions whose odds are superior during specific events or bets.
  • Loyalty programs - The specifics of these depend on your VIP rank and chosen gaming venue. However, they generally give you points that can be redeemed for free bets, merchandise, and even holidays!
  • Refer-a-friend bonus - You can easily snag a bonus by just referring a friend to a sportsbook. Note that sportsbooks often reward you and your friend with a bonus.

These amazing bonuses are always accompanied by terms and conditions, which impose wagering requirements, minimum odds, time limits, bet restrictions, geographical restrictions, and more. Note that we have an entire guide exploring these key terms and conditions, so feel free to check it out and learn more.

A Look at Eligible Games and Events

The best online sportsbooks do not shy away from offering a rich assortment of sports to bet on. Each sport has its own unique gambling options that make betting on it a treat. What is more, each category comes with its unique events that spice up the action. The most common sports and their most popular events include:

  • Football (Soccer) - with its infamous FIFA World Cup
  • Basketball - with its world-renowned NBA Finals and NBA Playoffs
  • Tennis - with its glamorous Wimbledon
  • American Football - with everyone’s favorite Super Bowl
  • Baseball - with the MLB World Series
  • Hockey - with its ice-cold NHL
  • Gold - with its meticulous The Masters
  • Horse Racing - with the infamous Grand National
  • Boxing - with its knock-out WBA
  • MMA - with its brutal UFC
  • Cricket - with its elegant IPL
  • Rugby - with its fun Rugby Union
  • Esports - with its LCS

Sports Betting Statistics

The numbers surrounding sports betting are truly incredible. This enormous industry has immense potential, with unforgettable titles and events appearing on a monthly basis. The sports betting industry of the last few years, in numbers, looks like this:

  • The industry is expected to be worth USD 44 bn by the end of 2023.
  • An annual growth rate of 9.94% is expected, with a projected market volume of USD 64 bn by 2023.
  • A whopping 145.5 million online sports betting users are expected by 2027.
  • Football accounts for 50% of the total market share.
  • 61.6% of all online gambling revenue in 2020 came from sports betting alone.
  • Mobile platforms amount to 70% of all sports betting revenue.
  • The Asia Pacific market holds 47% of the market share.
  • Europe holds 23% of the markets share.
  • North America holds 19% of the market share.
  • Latin America holds 8% of the market share.
  • The Middle East and Africa hold 3% of the market share.
  • CS:GO accounted for 53% of total esports bets in 2020.

Betting Options and Markets

Each sport has slightly different betting options and markets, especially when offered by different gaming venues. We recommend that you explore the following betting options so that nothing surprises you on your sports betting journey:

Straight Bet

This is the simplest bet that is placed on a single selection within an event. It is also the most common bet, which you will encounter in various games, including football, basketball, soccer, and even tennis. A prime example would be betting on a specific team to win a football match or betting on the NHL, MLB, NBA, or NFL events.

System Bet

These are slightly more complex, with a combination of multiple bets being placed on various selections within a single bet slip. This system allows you to walk away with a prize despite not winning every section of your wagering journey. A great example is betting on football matches within the same bet slip and winning two bets.

Parlay Bet

Occasionally referred to as the “Accumulator”, this bet combines several selections into a single wager. It is far more draconian than a system bet, as each selection must win for a payout to occur. A perfect example is betting on the outcomes of several basketball games within the same slip.

In-Play Bet

Some punters refer to them as live bets because they are placed whilst a sporting event is taking place. You can use them during virtually any event, from soccer to basketball. Note that they require extensive game knowledge.

Moneyline Bet

These bets put their stake on the outright winner of a game or event without concerning themselves about the point spread. They can be found in various sports, such as baseball, soccer, hockey, and even MMA. A prime example is betting that team A beats team B in basketball.

Point Spread Bet

This bet is based on the point spread that oddsmakers offer. It allows for a lot of customization, as you can bet that a team will win with a certain margin (cover the spread). You will often encounter it in games such as football, basketball, and hockey, especially the NFL and NBA events.

Totals Bet

Sometimes referred to as over/under bets, these have you predict whether the total will be above or below a certain number. You will counter them in practically every game, thanks to their simplicity.

Teasers and Pleasers

Teasers focus on adjusting the point spread or total in your favor for multiple games, while pleasers work against you, with both requiring all selections to win. Another way of understanding this concept is that the point spread moves in your favor with teasers, which produces less favorable odds. While the point spread moves against your favor with pleasers, whose odds are far better. You will often encounter them in NBA and NFL events.

Match Result

This simple wager bets on the outcome of a match or event, with three possible outcomes. You can bet on your chosen team winning, losing, or tying. You will most often find this bet associated with team-based sports, the likes of soccer, basketball, and hockey.


These bets have a point advantage or disadvantage that is applied to a team or participant, thus leveling the playing field. If a team has a -1.5 handicap, they need to win by at least two goals for their bet to win. Note that underdogs have positive handicaps, while the predicted winners have a negative handicap.

Prop Bets

These bets focus on a player’s performance or the development of a game event, such as a quarterback passing a certain number of yards within a football game. While these do not necessarily impact the final outcome, they can still be bet on.


These are predictions of outright winners of tournaments or events. You will often find them featured during the Super Bowl, World Cup, and championships. The less likely a team is to win, the higher your potential payout is.

First Scorer

This is another niche bet that focuses on which player will score the first goal or point during a match. Being familiar with the participating players and their aggressiveness can be incredibly helpful with this type of bet.

What Are the Odds

The great thing about sports betting is that you are not exposed to the whims of Lady Luck or the brutal nature of an RNG. The outcome of your wagers depends on the performance of real-life athletes and their years of dedicated training. However, their likelihood of winning can still be quantified, especially by industry experts.

Modern online bookmakers employ several factors in their calculations of odds. These factors cause odds to fluctuate before and during sporting events. The most important factors are:

  • Statistical Analysis - focused on historical data, team/player performance, past matchups, recent form, player injuries, and more.
  • Expert Knowledge - focused on playing conditions, home-field advantages, and relevant player strategies.
  • Public Perception - while public sentiment is highly subjective, it can impact the mental state of players and, thus, the results of matches.
  • Market Competition - if a rival venue is offering better odds, a sportsbook might inflate theirs to compete.
  • Line Movements - these are alterations that are made based on betting patterns and the latest news. Their purpose is to manage the risk of sportsbooks and to encourage betting.
  • Vigorish or House Edge - this small percentage is deducted from losing bets, thus producing a profit for the sportsbook regardless of the outcome. While it does not directly impact odds, it is always taken into account.
  • Changing Variables - dynamic events such as injuries, weather conditions, team news, and wagered funds can cause odds to fluctuate greatly.

Professional odd setters then split odds into several categories, each bearing its quirks and riveting potential. The following section explores said odds variants and their examples.

Decimal Odds

Sometimes referred to as European odds, these represent the total amount that you will receive if your bet wins. They are usually displayed in decimal format, with the decimal point being replaced by a comma based on the local grammatical rules.

Example: If you wager $100 with odds set a 2.00, you will receive $200 if your bet wins. Note that these $200 include your initial $100 stake.

Fractional Odds

These are most common in the UK, where they show you the potential profit relative to your stake. The first number in the fraction is your potential profit, while the second one is the amount that you need to stake.

Example: If you decide to wager $100 with fractional odds set at 5/2, you can win $250 on top of your $100 stake, totaling $350. Another great example are 4/1 odds, where a bet of $50 can land $200 in winnings, with the initial $50 being returned to you, totaling $250.

Moneyline Odds

Sometimes referred o as American odds because of their prevalence in the United States, they indicate how much you have to wager in order to win $100. A minus before the sum indicates who the favorite is, while the underdog is highlighted by a plus. A team likely to win is, therefore, marked as a -100 wager, while the underdog is marked as +100, for example.

Example: If you pick a wager with +200 odds, you will win $200 on a $100 bet. However, if you want to in $100 with -150 odds, you have to wager $150. Both require you to win, of course.

Kicking Things Off

The world of sports betting is very easy to partake in, especially if you have the right guidebook. We, therefore, recommend that you follow these steps during your next sports gambling journey.

1 Pick a Sportsbook

Choosing an online gaming venue can be far more difficult than you expect. You need to pay attention to its licensing, audits, game library, customer support, banking options, accessibility, software, and more. We recommend that you take a gander at our expert recommendations and pick a verified and reputable site with minimal effort.

2 Pick a Bonus

Most punters are shocked by how useful bonuses are, especially when they are used solely to prolong your playtime. However, you need to read the terms and conditions as these hide wagering requirements and time limitations.

3 Pick a Sport

Do not wager on every sport that comes up; stick to the ones you know. Ideally, you pick one sport that you love watching, such as football, and dedicate your gaming to it. All you have to do is bet on your favorite team and watch the football match take place.

4 Pick Solid Odds

Each sportsbook offers slightly different odds, which can greatly impact your chances of winning. We, therefore, recommend that you shop around for the perfect offer.

5 Pick a Market

Each sport boasts multiple betting markets, with the most common ones covering match winners, point spreads, totals, play statistics, and the like. Make your bets diverse for the best possible safety net.

6 Pick a Timeframe

Do you prefer short-term events or long-burning gems such as tournaments? Do you want to watch weekend matches or random weekly ones? Decide these timeframes in advance and pivot your sports betting around them.

7 Enjoy the Ride, Not the Result

Forget about your potential winnings or how much you have wagered. Enjoy the match that is unfolding before your eyes. The magic of sports should be enough entertainment as is. The potential of winning big is just an added plus.

8 Always Withdraw

Regardless of if you win big or if you lose most of your deposit, always withdraw your funds. Withdrawing prevents you from making instinctive wagers and wasting your funds. Moreover, redepositing can help you claim reload, deposit, and other amazing bonuses.

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Ongoing Validation

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How Our Experts Rate Online Casinos and Gambling Sites: Reviewing casinos is what we do best, and we always make sure that we cover the vital information and essential factors. When considering which online casino to choose, we’ll provide you with the most up to date information on a casino’s security measures, payouts, player feedback about the casino, and much more. Take a look at the graph below for more info.

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Sports betting is more than just choosing a sport and placing a few wagers. There are nuances and oddities that you have to take into account before and whilst committing to a game. Check out the following tips and guarantee yourself the perfect sports gaming experience:

Sportsbook Attributes

You have to have the highest possible standards when looking for an online sportsbook. Never give in to community pressure, a nice ad, or a generous bonus. Moreover, put your personal preferences above everything else. Take a look at the following core attributes of sportsbooks to learn more.

Sports Selection

Good sportsbooks provide punters with a wide range of amazing sports. The latter should include at least the most popular leagues, such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and UFC. You should even expect esports events, as these offer an exciting new way to gamble on sports.


Each sport that a sportsbook offers should have multiple markets associated with it. Said markets boast options such as match winner, point spread, totals (over/under), player performance, and more. Study these markets and find those that align the most with your character.

Bet Variants

Each market should have multiple types of bets available. A point spread market, for example, offers bets on the favorite or underdog. In total betting, you can predict if bets spill over or stay underneath a specific number, and so on.

Bonuses and Promotions

You should expect the full range of sportsbook bonuses and promotions, including welcome bonuses, free bets, cashback bonuses, and special event promotions. These bonuses and promotions should have first-class terms and wagering requirements.

Banking and Payouts

Modern online sportsbooks should boast multiple traditional and modern payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and crypto. Moreover, the payouts should be swift and incur minimal fees.

Security and Reputation

Always pick a sportsbook that is renowned for fair play, fast payouts, and the best security solutions around. Keep an eye out for logos of major regulators and reliable third-party auditing agencies. Moreover, never use a site that lacks the HTTPS prefix in its URL or SSL encryption.

Customer Support

Customer support should not be limited just to a few pleasant emails; it should be available 24/7, in multiple languages, and via multiple channels. Expect to find email, live chat, phone, and even AI-powered chatbots.


Expect your online sportsbook to be compatible with all of your devices. Dedicated mobile applications and mobile-optimized sites are now part and parcel of the iGaming space, so their unavailability is immediately a red flag.

A Breakdown of Sports

It is impossible for us to cover every single sport that online sportsbooks offer. The following are the most popular ones that you will definitely encounter during your online sports betting journey:

Soccer Betting

Soccer betting encompasses a wide range of leagues and tournaments, which allows you to bet on match winners, goal totals, handicaps, and player-specific markets. Prime examples of major events include MLS (Major League Soccer), La Liga, the English Premier League, the Canadian Premier League, and the World Cup.

Basketball Betting

There is a wide range of national and international basketball events that you can bet on, such as the NBA, NCAA, EuroLeague, FIBA World Cup, and Olympic Basketball. The most common bets are moneyline, point spread, total, prop, parlay, and futures wagers. Punters are also keen on placing live, player performance, game event, and championship winner bets.

Hockey Betting

The backbone of hockey betting are popular leagues, the likes of the NHL (National Hockey League). These allow you to bet on match outcomes, goal totals, and player or team props. Another great mechanic are live bets that spice up fast-paced hockey games.

UFC Betting

Just as the UFC focuses on multiple sports, UFC betting focuses on multiple betting options. The latter include match winners, methods of victory, round outcomes, and fighter-specific bets. We recommend that you dive into the history and styles of fighters to maximize your wagers.

Horse Race Betting

Betting on horse races is one of the oldest forms of sports gambling around. You can place bets on individual races or partake in multi-race bets such as accumulators or placepots. Note that major events such as the Grand National and the Dubai World Cup come with unforgettable wagering options.

College Football Betting

This exciting football betting variant is focused on games within NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). The most common betting options are point spreads, moneylines, and totals. These games are also great for spotting rising stars and picking future winners.

Football Betting

We cannot imagine the NFL (National Football League) without a bit of betting on the side. The most popular betting options include point spreads, moneylines, and props. The fun reaches pitch fever when the Super Bowl rolls around.

Cricket Betting

The bedrock of cricket betting are test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 (T20) matches. You can bet on the outcome, run totals, and player performance. Study the different formats and pitch conditions for optimal bets.


The legality of online sports betting and the minimum required age to partake vary from country to country. Moreover, it sometimes varies between jurisdictions within the same country, so conduct thorough research before playing.

That depends on which ones you are looking at. If a sportsbook boasts licenses and audits from respectable regulatory bodies, then it is legitimate. Moreover, if a site passes our thorough review process and is recommended, you can rest assured that it is legitimate.

Licenses and audits check whether an online gambling site is legitimate. Moreover, they pull regulatory bodies and their mediators into disputes. Think of these as an additional line of defense and an enforcement of your rights.

Yes, you definitely can. All you have to do is play with real money at legitimate venues. Note that the payouts, processing times, and payment methods depend on your chosen venue.

Yes, you definitely can. Real-time bets are often referred to as in-play or live bets. You can place them whilst an event or game is unfolding. Note that their odds shift in real-time, so picking the right moment is vital.

You can bet on practically any sport that you want to. We recommend that you stick to sports that are familiar to you. If you are not familiar with a sport but still want to bet on it, research it thoroughly.

The answer depends entirely on your skill level, familiarity with the sport at hand, and the betting markets that are available in your chosen sportsbook. However, we recommend that you start with basic bets, such as straight bets, and transition to in-play bets once you gather more experience.

You can find the best sports betting sites on this very site. Our in-house experts have reviewed and ranked the best sportsbooks around, so you need not worry about researching them on your own.

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