ecoPayz provides a secure and convenient method of paying for goods and services on-line and when playing at online casinos.

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ecoPayz was formerly known as EcoCard. In 2013, the company decided that due to significant growth and new offerings, the old name was no longer suitable. ecoPayz now includes the following products: ecoAccount, ecoCard, ecoVirtualcard, ecoPayz Business Account, and ecoPayz Merchant Account.


ecoPayz is a prepaid virtual debit card based on state-of-the-art Internet technologies. It has access to a network of major banks across Europe with branch representations all over the world.

ecoPayz consumers can deposit cash in their home country and use their ecoPayz worldwide on the Web from home, work or any other Internet access point.

ecoPayz is ideal for people who want to limit Internet transaction risks and minimize operational costs. When it comes to online casinos, ecoPayz provides a method of limiting one's bankroll for each playing session, i.e. transfer only the amount you want to play with.

ecoPayz offers fast, secure and price-competitive transaction processing with 100% transaction authorization and 0% operational risk. In addition, when applying to open an account with ecoPayz , there is no discrimination and anyone can apply.


ecoPayz offers the following benefits:

  • Full anonymity for all Internet transactions
  • Customer support in your language
  • Free payment transactions
  • A wide network of European banks
  • Growing network of Internet merchants
  • Web based convenience and immediacy of use
  • Wide Merchant Acceptance
  • No payment rejection

How to Fund

ecoPayz is highly flexible and can be funded via a network of banks and alternative payment options across the world. You can deposit to your ecoPayz using Western Union transfers, Bank payments, MoneyGram transfers or PrivatMoney transfers.

There is no limit to the amount of funds the player can transfer into their ecoPayz account. Cash deposits are reflected in player's ecoPayz within 24 hours, bank transfers take 2-5 days.


The ecoPayz platform provides the highest level of security and privacy to users who are gambling in online casinos. The use of ecoPayz is authorized online in strict accordance with the available financial assets of the client.

The danger of frauds and charge-backs is zero. Clients enjoy qualified Internet banking interface, including real-time balance information, as well as history tracking.


US located residents cannot use their ecoPayz accounts for Internet gaming.

ecoPayz Online Casinos

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