The Ultimate Guide to Online Gambling Industry Events

The online gambling industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and staying up-to-date with the latest industry news, trends, and regulations is crucial for success. Attending industry events such as conferences, seminars, and exhibitions can provide valuable insights and networking opportunities. Our guide to online gambling industry events covers everything you need to know, from top event organizers to must-attend conferences and seminars.

Stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly expanding online gambling industry with our guide to industry events. Discover key conferences, seminars, and exhibitions that offer valuable insights, networking opportunities, and the latest industry updates. Explore our concise resource to ensure you stay informed and connected in this thriving sector.

Events Organizers

Industry event organizers play a vital role in the online gambling industry, bringing together professionals from around the world to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and showcase new products and services. From large-scale conferences to intimate seminars, event organizers are instrumental in creating opportunities for networking, education, and collaboration. They work tirelessly to ensure that each event provides a valuable experience for attendees, helping to advance the industry as a whole. Here you can find the most known gambling industry event organizers:

Clarion Events

Clarion Events is the premier event organizer for several iGaming events, including Japan Gaming Congress, GiGse, and more.

Clarion Events is a leading event organizer that has hosted a wide range of different events. These events include conferences such as the Brazilian Gaming Conference, ICE Totally Gaming, Japan Gaming Conference, and EiG Expo.

Clarion Events was founded in 2008, and since then, the company has grown from 120 employees based in the UK to more than 500 employees located worldwide. This company organizes over 200 events that draw in hundreds of thousands of delegates and visitors from over 12,000 companies. Clarion Events has offices worldwide, including the USA, Brazil, Germany, UAE, Singapore, Netherlands, South Africa, UK, and Turkey. This gives Clarion events a broad and effective platform to create high-quality events that can be used for business development.

Clarion Events is known for hosting productive, exciting, and innovative iGaming events. Online gaming is available in 250 different jurisdictions, and this company is uniquely positioned within the iGaming industry. Clarion Events offers a full range of services to the entire online gaming industry. These services include conferences, exhibitions, research, digital information, and technical training. The products from Clarion Events include some of the largest iGaming technology exhibitions in the world. In addition, these products are delivered across the globe and can attract over 25,000 customers annually.

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SBC Events

SBC Awards, Betting on Football, and Betting on Sports are the annual lynchpins of SBC Events, a sports betting community specialist.

SBC Events stands for sports betting community. As a company, SBC Events is responsible for arranging conferences, exhibitions, and awards ceremonies, all within the field of sports betting. Some core events are hosted in London, the UK, but the company is also experienced at arranging events further afield.

SBC AwardsThis event is the jewel in the crown, given that the intent is to bring together industry professionals, gambling operators, software providers, and service providers to honor their successes. Hundreds of delegates gather in London once a year to attend the latest ceremony, with awards geared toward software, data, payments, and marketing.

Betting on FootballFor several years now, Betting on Football has returned annually. It is typically hosted at Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea F.C. An exhibition floor is laid out for attendees and presenters. At the same time, a conference of speakers is also organized. In addition, there are specialist forums and networking events to attend.

Betting on Sports AmericaSBC Events has also traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to host the Betting on Sports America event. This comprises several events, with attendees given access to parties, networking events, specialist talks from industry professionals, and an exhibition floor comprised of companies from the industry.

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Clever Duck Media

Clever Duck Media is responsible for some of the world's most well-known online gaming events, including the International Gaming Awards!

Clever Duck Media is an innovative event organizer, publishing, and PR company that puts together events like the Gaming App Awards, the International Gaming Awards, and the well-respected online gaming newspaper called the iGaming Post. Clever Duck Media places the needs of its customers first and brings innovation to all of its events. This company is responsible for international gaming events and is regarded for high-quality standards.

As mentioned, Clever Duck Media organizes the International Gaming Awards. This awards ceremony honors the leaders and innovators in the online gaming industry. It is an international event attended by gaming operators and other participants in the online gaming industry. In addition, clever Duck also hosts the Gaming App Awards, which recognizes innovative gaming apps as well as their developers.

Clever Duck Media's groundbreaking approach sets it apart from other gaming event organizers. Clever Duck focuses on creating events that recognize industry leaders and allow attendees to network and forge new business partnerships. In addition, every event hosted by Clever Duck is designed to allow attendees to learn more about the online gaming industry. Beyond the events, Clever Duck specializes in providing important gaming news through its publication called the iGaming Post and also provides PR for various gaming entities.

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The Power 50 is an invitation-only summit where the world leaders of eGaming get together behind closed doors.

EGR (eGaming Review) Magazine holds an annual invitation-only event for the eGaming sector, the Power 50 Summit.

It serves as an opportunity for key executives of the most influential companies in the eGaming sector to thrash out the issues that matter over two days.

Besides the debate aspect of the event, including panels and live debates, the Power 50 Summit also provides networking opportunities.

The magazine follows up on the event with special features in subsequent editions, including readers' questions addressed by Summit participants.

Jon Parker, the online editor of eGaming Review, said: "We like to think of the Power 50 as the G20 summit for this industry when the world leaders of eGaming can get together behind closed doors for two days to thrash out the issues that matter."

For more details and information: egr. global.

iGaming Business

iGaming Business is an online magazine committed to the e-Gaming sector. Among their many topical interest articles and online reports is their network coverage of all news related to the popular online gaming sector. Additionally, financial analysis, management practices, stock market trends, global challenges, economic threats and opportunities, and myriad other factors of particular interest to online casino operators and their affiliates are covered.

The magazine covers all technological developments, offers iGaming Business Socials, information on US Legislation, and regular press releases. Job seekers can apply online via Pentasia recruitment services, while iGaming investment opportunities are also regularly listed on the site. In addition, they offer free magazine trials for all interested parties.

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Eventus International

Eventus International is a well-respected international company that specializes in professional events management. The company is based in South Africa and Hong Kong and specializes in providing master classes, workshops, training, and B2B conferences. Eventus is an acclaimed independent operator that facilitates event planning by hosting events geared toward technology and marketing professionals. In addition, the company realizes the significance of technology in the marketing realm, and it works to organize business-to-business conferences.

The company has offices in South Africa and Hong Kong, working hard to provide the most up-to-date information with specially trained tech and marketing speakers. These experts tailor their presentations to specific business sectors. Eventus International focuses a great deal of its energy on bringing together people from the same sectors to share information, engage with one another, and network to the best of their capabilities. All of the events showcased by the company are done to establish new contacts and open up new markets. A strong focus on content-led events underpins all of the work provided by this company.

Delegates to Eventus International conferences can easily contact the company for all information, including event logistics and operations matters, media partnerships and marketing, speaking opportunities and event programs, exhibition opportunities, sponsorship, and event booking. Multiple upcoming training courses are showcased worldwide, with professional speakers and event managers in attendance. Delegates can engage with industry professionals, learn practical lessons, and gain real experience to benchmark against market leaders.

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Industry Major Events

Industry events such as conferences, seminars, and exhibitions are crucial for keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the online gambling industry. These events offer opportunities to network with industry leaders, learn from experts, and discover new technologies and innovations that can give your business a competitive edge. Below you can find the top events you should know about:

Big Africa Summit

The Big Africa Summit is the official gaming conference and exhibition for Africa. The Summit features attendees from both land-based casinos and online, and delegates discuss the latest topics in the African casino industry. 

The Big Africa Supershow brings together leaders in the land-based and online gaming industries for excellent networking opportunities. In addition, participants can learn about the latest developments in gaming and create solutions for common issues they face in the African gaming industry. 

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GEFA - Gaming Expo Francophone Africa

Gaming Expo Francophone Africa (GEFA) was set up specifically for Africa's French-speaking markets, with attendees given access to discussions and an exhibition.

GEFA is an event that attracts gambling operators, software providers, gaming companies, and other professionals to discuss the French-speaking markets of the African iGaming industry. As a result, many African companies attend, but so do European enterprises aiming to enter or do business with the continent.

A typical GEFA event will analyze how to drive growth in African iGaming marketplaces, touching upon regulations, challenges, and opportunities. GEFA is also an event that takes time to discuss technology, innovations, and a variety of other trends, with industry experts, tasked with leading the many presentations.

GEFA also provides opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors. This can enable iGaming companies to showcase their respective offerings for the chance to strike up new partnerships and business opportunities. When it comes to networking, it is possible to meet high-ranking professionals from various businesses focused on iGaming.

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SGS - Scandinavian Gaming Show

This unique iGaming and sports betting event present the most important topics for the local markets.

The Scandinavian iGaming and sports gambling market is one of the most important in the world. Scandinavian countries enjoy some of the highest per capita gambling spending in any region. In addition, many of the world's best software developers call Scandinavian countries home, and numerous developments in the industry have been pioneered therein. 

Some of the topics to be covered at the Gaming Show include the chance to get the latest update on the legal status of sports betting and gambling in the region, a chance to meet leading operators in the industry, learn about the latest trends in the gaming market, stay up to date with cutting-edge technological developments, meet and hear from the leading experts in the industry, the potential to form partnerships with international investors, and, to learn effective new market entry strategies from industry professionals.

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Delegates from the iGaming and sports betting markets are set to participate in the SPiCE conference.

SPiCE will cover the topics entrepreneurs need to get into the market. Topics will include how companies can maximize their growth potential, look at the innovations and advances made by the developers, operators, and regulators in the region, and present the rapidly changing regulatory picture and the challenges and opportunities in the industry. 

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SIGMA - Summit for iGaming in Malta

SIGMA, also known as the Summit for iGaming in Malta, is a large iGaming conference and exhibition that allows attendees to network and learn about various aspects of the online gaming industry.

This conference is held in Malta because it has become a magnet for those involved in the online gaming industry, as there are hundreds of iGaming companies, workers, and licenses issued in Malta.

In addition, Malta is home to the respected Lotteries and Gaming Authority and has an EU-approved taxation system, making it a high-quality destination for affiliates and others involved in online gaming.

SIGMA can be divided into three exhibitions that concentrate on different aspects of the online gaming industry. One exhibition focuses on legal topics and remote gambling regulations. The second exhibition focuses on remote gaming acquisition, and the third is focused on digital games.

The goal of SIGMA is to unite the iGaming community, including vendors, regulators, operators, and affiliates. This conference allows attendees to learn more about the industry and network and create new partnerships and business contacts. Many people can benefit from attending this conference, including recruitment agencies; digital games representatives; regulators and other government entities; remote gaming associations and operators; land-based casino operators; affiliates; media, communications, and marketing firms; racing, sports betting, lottery, and other skill-based game representatives; legal firms; industry suppliers and vendors; consultancy firms, accountancy firms, and financial institutions; B2B software and IT providers; and social media specialists.

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CasinoBeats Summit

Delegates can attend the CasinoBeats Summit to walk around an iGaming exhibition and attend various informative discussions.

Networking specialist SBC Events is behind the annual CasinoBeats Summit, which generally runs parallel to the Betting on Sports Week conference. The scope of CasinoBeats is widespread, with professionals invited from all corners of the globe to discuss iGaming markets worldwide. More than 1,000 delegates, 100 gambling operators, and 30 exhibitors from over 40 countries are typically expected to attend the Summit on average.

The Summit provides an exhibition floor where the exhibitors can set up to chat with delegates. Beyond that, CasinoBeats also aims to share knowledge and insight from the global iGaming industry. This is done by booking speakers to attend from a variety of casino operators, software developers, and service providers.

CasinoBeats will support delegates by planning discussions that cover a set list of tracks that cover the industry. Quite often, it is common for market profiles to be delivered. On top of that, the Summit will evaluate customers and consider prevailing trends. Of course, specialist support will be devoted to the iGaming affiliates in attendance.

A typical CasinoBeats Summit will begin with pre-registration and invite delegates for networking drinks in the evening. The exhibition and presentations begin the following day, with delegates attending further networking, drinks, and an official party. The concluding day carries on the exhibition and discussions before finishing off with a special awards event.

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SBC Summit Barcelona

SBC Summit is a leading international summit dedicated to sports betting and iGaming. SBC Summit is a leading international summit dedicated to sports betting and iGaming. It hosts thousands of senior executives and representatives from casino operators, suppliers, service providers, affiliates and media companies, payment providers, regulators, and more. 

Speakers at the SBC Summit usually cover a wide range of topics, including sports betting, casino, gaming, payments, digital marketing, and safer gambling. In addition, attendees can choose a track and attend speeches relevant to that topic. Tracks include Gaming & Technology, Data & Integrity, Emerging Markets, Payments & Compliance, and more.

The Summit has been designed to leave plenty of networking time as networking events include evening dinners, drinks, and parties.

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GAME - Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Expo 

The Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Expo (GAME) is an event that appeals to professionals working in either the online or land-based gaming markets.

Eventus International is the principal organizer behind the planning for an event that combines elements of exhibitions, seminars, and networking. Fundamentally, the aim is to fuel growth for the iGaming industries in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

In its formulation, the expo is intended to provide value to ministers, regulators, operators, providers, investors, affiliates, networks, and delegates. As for the event's scope, it is intended to be suitable across online and land-based gaming markets.

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IGB Live

The IGB Live Conference is part of the iGaming Super Show, a large and popular affiliate event attended by thousands of affiliates and delegates associated with the online gaming industry. This event is the perfect combination of business and pleasure, an event you will not want to miss. This conference has many activities and features, including The Strategic Conference Programme, IGB Shows, Networking Opportunities, and more.

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G2E - Global Gaming Expo

G2E is a gaming exhibition that showcases new products and hundreds of exhibitions. This conference is held in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is still considered the world's casino capital. G2E allows you to stay up to date on the latest insights and trends in the international casino industry. This conference has a wide range of highlights, including hundreds of exhibitors hosting new products, networking opportunities, and keynote speakers, and a special area that features exhibitions from entertainment, surveillance and security, beverage & hospitality, and food industries.

The G2E Conference Program features sessions that help you learn about the best technologies, trends, and developments in the gaming industry.

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TES - The European Summit

Founded in 2009, The European Summit is considered the largest B2B event for Europe's online entertainment industry. This Summit is filled with presentations, speakers, and exhibitions that discuss the latest happenings in the online industry in Europe, focusing on affiliates, media buyers, advertisers, and publishers.

Attendees can network with their colleagues and other leaders in the industry. This can help them forge new partnerships, create new business opportunities and come up with innovative solutions to common problems associated with the European online entertainment industry.

Leaders from various online gaming-related companies and industries attend this conference yearly to enhance their knowledge and network with their peers. Not only does this conference allow attendees to discuss business, but there is also a wealth of exciting activities.

Despite all the fun, the European Summit is about serious business and seminars. The leaders of these seminars are chosen based on their knowledge and experience in the European online industry. These seminars cover a wide range of topics, including new product presentations, advertising strategies, discussions of new regulations, and other similar topics. This conference features seminars and hosts round table discussions, panel discussions, and company presentations to encourage participation. 

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Over three days, ICE is the world's biggest and most comprehensive online gaming trade event. Each gaming sector is represented at this event, including casino, bingo, lottery, betting, social, online, street gaming, mobile and more. In addition, this event features a wide range of content and products that are innovations in the online gaming industry and can help drive business in the future. 

ICE is a yearly event that can be used as a launch pad for gaming innovation. Hundreds of new products are revealed over the three-day event, and there is always something new happening throughout this event. 

ICE also has an excellent gaming learning program that allows you to meet experts who can help you solve some of your key challenges. In addition, ICE is a gathering place for leaders in the online gaming industry, including regulators, operators, suppliers, and others. This event allows you to quickly and easily arrange meetings, build up your contacts list, and secure partnerships.

ICE has unmatched international credentials, and no other event offers so much international access. Hundreds of different countries are represented every year at ICE Totally Gaming. 

The floor seminars are free and provide the latest updates on industry information and debates about the hottest topics in the online gaming industry. 

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SBWA+ Sports Betting West Africa

Sports Betting West Africa brings together representatives from the iGaming industry from the region, discussing possibilities for growth and advancement.

Sports Betting West Africa is of the biggest events gathering representatives from the gambling industry from Western Africa. Bringing together various industry representatives from Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Ghana, this conference aims to bring Africa together, uniting all the relevant regulatory bodies.

The main goal behind the Sports Betting West Africa summit is to create new channels for the dialogue between the iGaming regulators in the countries of West Africa. But, of course, the event also gathers all other interested parties from the industry, all with the same goal of strengthening the gaming scene in this part of the world.

The iGaming industry in West Africa has tremendous potential. These gatherings help understand what changes need to be implemented and what actionable measures need to be introduced for the sector to continue growing and thriving. Changes in the legal department and improvements in online payment processing are among the most important steps in the right direction.

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CEC - The Casino eSport Conference

The CEC is a 2-day event slated to take place in Las Vegas. The eSports Conference is geared towards industry stakeholders like educators, players, lawyers, providers, marketers, and developers.

All delegates will have an opportunity to learn about the industry, including insights on how to drive traffic and improve their overall experience through eSports betting and events.

Many high-level dignitaries have attended previous conferences, including J Moses, the director of Take-Two Interactive. The conference covers sports rules and regulations, infrastructure development, interactive gaming, online sports betting, investment opportunities, marketing activities for attracting competitors, revenue generation through game streaming and eSports projects, and much more.

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ASEAN Gaming Summit

The ASEAN Gaming Summit is organized by AGB (Asia Gaming Brief). This prestigious event brings gaming industry leaders together. This illustrious event in the gaming industry showcases an estimated 300 industry leaders, including regulators from the Asian gaming industry, suppliers, and operators.

The ASEAN Gaming Summit serves as an intersection point between land-based and online gaming industries across Asia. Delegates at the conference will be privy to networking opportunities for business contacts and educational prospects. The program takes place over three full days. 

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SBEA+ Sports Betting East Africa

The world's only dedicated sports betting conference focuses on the booming East African industry.

The Summit is usually attended by some of the region's most prominent authorities in online sports gambling, including regulators, operators, software providers, affiliates, and marketing agencies.

The Summit consists of two jam-packed days of special sessions, keynote speakers, discussions, and of course, networking opportunities with many of the key players in the East African sports betting industry. The Summit helps identify new and winning strategies for operations in Africa. Participants will also be able to understand better the future of online operations in the region and how to make potential profits after hearing from the leaders on stage.

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GIH - Gaming in Holland

The Gaming in Holland conference is one of the Netherlands' prime iGaming events.

The Gaming in Holland conference is dedicated to the present and future of the iGaming industry in the Netherlands. Online gaming in the Netherlands has made strides despite regulatory obstructions in the last few years. Since its first edition in June 2012, the Gaming in Holland conference has based itself on one of the prime iGaming events in the country.

The Gaming in Holland conference is also big on networking with breaks and meals, specially dedicated to getting industry players to socialize with each other in hopes of forging new and successful business ventures.

The GIH conference is a learning event in which organizers have taken to heart the feedback from attendees, adding new features to the event. One example of the fruits of this learning process is a Demo Room where iGaming suppliers are given a stage for informative sessions and Q&A.

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SBC Summit Latin America

This is the leading event for Latin America's Betting and Gaming senior executives, which is being planned and executed due to a partnership between SBC and G2E.

Senior executives and decision-makers from across Latin America will flock to the SBC Summit Latinoamérica so they can get access to learn about new technology, access quality content, take part in networking activities, meet with local affiliates, and of course, have a lot of new business opportunities.

The event will include a number of the industry's leading keynote speakers. Topics to be presented include a comprehensive look at Latin American sports betting and the iGaming industry, lotteries, M&A in the Latin American market, payments, and other relevant verticals. 

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ICA - iGaming Central America Summit

The iGaming Central America Summit will allow attendees to network and explore regional opportunities.

It's run by the prestigious Eventus International company and will feature several influential guest speakers and cover a host of relevant topics. The agenda usually includes gambling opportunities within the country and beyond, as well as regulation and tech issues.

Exhibitors will present the latest software, games, and services, while attendees will have plenty of chances to network via a pre-arranged Speed Networking service. 

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BEGE - Balkan Gaming and Entertainment Expo

BEGE brings together gaming and entertainment professionals, experts, and operators from the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

Organized by the Bulgarian Associations of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI), the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE) is an event committed to bringing together all of the Balkan's entertainment and gaming sectors, with professionals and experts from both the land-based and online gaming, tourism, and leisure sectors converging for a two-day event packed with events. 

BEGE had been taking place yearly since its first assembly back in 2008.  

The main emphasis put by BEGE is on services and products for shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, casinos, bars, etc., while also giving a stage to products to complementary products from the marketing sector: Digital technologies, vending equipment, control systems, security systems, mobile applications and so on. The BEGE is an all-out exhibition that covers a large portion of Balkan's gaming and entertainment operators and industry people, covering the latest technologies in trends in various fields, including vending, entertainment, tourist, and gaming industries.

BEGE plays a key role in supporting industry development in the regions of the Balkans but also in Eastern Europe, helping operators, manufacturers, and distributors of services for entertainment centers to reach a wider slice of the market. Despite its Balkan-Eastern-European affinity, the BEGE is open to more than just industry members and operators from these markets. The event also draws spectators and industry professionals from greater parts of Europe, Russia, and the US. 

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EEGS - Eastern European Gaming Summit 

The Eastern European Gaming Summit is among the most prestigious forums for the Eastern European iGaming and entertainment industry.

The conference sees attendance by operators and experts from all sectors of Eastern Europe's iGaming scene as well as representatives from the tourism market and other more specific leisure markets. EEGS is the most prestigious forum for the Eastern European industry, as can be seen from the numbers it attracts: The event sees over 200 representatives from over 20 countries, dozens of gaming experts, and speakers from different jurisdictions, making for a wide and full coverage of Eastern Europe's iGaming and entertainment scene.

The topics which are discussed include different challenges in iGaming regulation in Eastern Europe and Europe as a whole, new technologies, trends in online gaming, mobile and social gaming, the EU's stance on iGaming and online gambling, solutions for problem gambling, and the endowment of responsible gaming and so on. The subjects are also looked into from a tourism point of view, looking at how gambling entertainment offerings can make Eastern Europe more attractive to tourists. Regulation is a main emphasis at EEGS, with round table discussions by different local casino operators and the regulators who attend the event.

While it is centered on Eastern European markets, the event draws attention from attendees from the US, other parts of Europe, and even Russia. EEGS is organized by the Bulgarian Association of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI). 

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