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OnlineCasinoReports is owned by House Tech Ads LTD, which means the site fully adheres to the privacy policy of the company.

At House Tech Ads LTD („House Tech Ads,“ „we,“ „us“), we comply and process the information about visitors to our websites and our registered users. We put forth our best efforts to handle this information in a manner that adheres to the highest professional and safety standards at all times, always in line with the latest laws and regulations on data protection.

What You Should Know About the Policy

The goal of this Policy is to offer an extensive explanation as to why, how, and to what degree any information (“personal data”) from and about you, the user, is collected and used. The Policy also provides you with an insight into all of your rights in relation to any and all laws and statues currently in place. Do note that this Policy doesn’t override any earlier contracts with us nor does it serve to replace any rights you are entitle do in accordance with data protection laws.

Personal Data Handler (Data Processor)

We, House Tech Ads, are the primary Data Processor, which means we are the main entity in charge of handling your personal data. As your Data Processor, we are in charge of determining the purposes and the extent of processing all the gathered information.

It is important for you to keep in mind that your personal data can be and sometimes is stored in databases that are accessed by other related business. In such events, all third parties are required to adhere fully with the rules and directions set forth in this Policy.

Types of Information Gathered

Following is the type of personal data gathered and processed about you:

  • IP addresses
  • Location data
  • Email address
  • Your username (display name)
  • Password
  • Data about website usage (activity)

Handling and Processing Your Information

The information listed in the above paragraph is collected by House Tech Ads when you visit and use the site. The collected personal data is used for the purposes of:

  • Sending promotional emails informing you about OnlineCasinoReports services and products
  • Designing ads that are more in line with your particular interests
  • Coming up with relevant analysis using the information in our databases with the goal of improving the user experience and improving our business based on the results
  • Acting to comply with any obligations or rights dictated by the laws and regulations

Your information is only ever processed by us if one of the following stands:

  • You have given us your consent to do so, or
  • Using gathered information has its justification in our desire to improve our business, in which case your personal data is always used only in a proportionate way and your privacy is always fully respected.

Sharing the Information

As explained earlier, the information is sometimes shared with third parties. We share some of the gathered personal data with the following:

  • GetResponse, our US-based mailing application provider, who processes the gathered personal information for us;
  • UKHost, provider of our web hosting services;
  • Service providers and Data Processors who are in line with our instructions, such as cloud services;
  • If there are legal obligations that we must maintain our safety and/or protect our interests;
  • If we are acquired by a third party through a purchase or re-organization, with these potential buyers (third parties) and related entities.

International Transfers

Sometimes, the gathered information is sent out to parties that are not a part of the European Union. This is termed “international transfers.”

Occasionally, international transfers are directed towards legal authorities also located outside of the EU, if we receive a relevant request from such an authority.

In the event of these transfers, House Tech Ads will always do everything possible to ensure your rights are fully protected during such transfers. In relation to requests from legal entities, we will always make sure to thoroughly check the legitimacy of such requests prior to releasing any of your personal data.

You are fully entitled to know everything about mechanisms in place to protect the gathered personal data. You can find out more about these measures at any time, as well as the ways of handling and processing your data by contacting us (Section 8).

Direct Marketing

The gathered personal data is used, on occasion, to send direct marketing your way. We send you offers either directly from us or the ones from our business associates. These adverts are sometimes sent to your email or deployed in a form of targeted web ads.

Every user can remove themselves from receiving any future marketing communications at any time. If you wish to do so, you can always use a special opt out link provided with every communication sent your way or you can reach out to us directly and request no further marketing is sent to you.

We do put forward our best efforts to make the amount of marketing communications sent your way reasonable and relevant, presenting you with the offers we believe would be of interest to you from the personal data we have stored.

Preservation of Data: Length of Time

The information gathered using the means described in this Policy is kept for as long as it is required to achieve objectives and requirements set forth in the Section 3 of this document.

However, we always strive to gather the minimum amount of the personal data required to achieve the said goals and IP addresses specifically are removed from the system once the period of 30 days elapses.

Sometimes, we are required to keep the information for a certain period of time because of taxation or accounting requirements or legal purposes.

Once the point is reached where your personal information is no longer required to meet the goals set forth in this Policy, we either remove it from the system completely or make it anonymous.

All users have particular rights relating to their personal data gathered and stored by us. We are bringing you more information about these rights in the following passages.

If anything from this Policy concerning your rights is unclear or you ever wish to exercise any of your rights explained here at any time, you can do so by getting it touch with us.


In terms of access, you are within your rights to ask us to:

Provide you with the clear explanation and confirmation as to how your personal data is being processed

Send you the copy of all the personal data that belongs to you stored in our databases

Give you a full disclosure about the type of information that we have about you, explain in detail what we use it for, provide you with the information if your personal data is ever sent outside the EU, what other entities have access to the data stored on our servers, explain the process in the event you want to file a complaint, etc.


In the event you discover any of your personal data stored on our servers is wrong, you have the right to ask from us to correct it. If you do, keep in mind that we maintain the right to ask for a verification to support such corrections.


You, the user, are entitled to ask for your information to be completely removed (erased) from our system, in the following circumstances:

  • We no longer need the gathered information to achieve the original purpose
  • Your consent for the gathered personal data has been revoked
  • The process of handling the information has been found to be unlawful
  • You have exercised your right to Object (see ‘Objections’)
  • When such request is based on the need to comply with legal obligations or requirements

In rare cases, we might not be under obligations to erase your personal data from our servers. These cases include situations where:

  • Your information is required for us to comply with certain law obligations
  • The personal data is still needed for us to establish, exercise, or defend a legal claim.

As mentioned, the cases where we will not comply with your request to erase data are rare. The two reasons stated above are usually the only grounds for us to reject the request.

Terminating Your Account

GDPR laws clearly state that every user is entitled to have their account terminated (deleted) and their information fully removed from the system.

Account termination – if you wish to terminate your account with us, send us an email with your request.

Opting out of our newsletters – this is done by simply clicking the “Unsubscribe” link located at the very bottom of every email communication sent by us.


You also have the right to ask from us to restrict the extent to which your personal data is used. This means your information is kept in our system but it is not being actively used, covering cases such as:

  • You contesting the accuracy of the gathered data (Corrections),
  • We no longer require the data to achieve the original purpose but we still have to keep it because of the special circumstances outlined in the Erasure section,
  • The process of handling your data has been determined to be against the law but you do not wish to have your information completely removed,
  • You have exercised your right to Object and the said request has been found to have merits.

We maintain the right to still use your personal data even after you file a request to restrict, when:

There is an explicit and clear consent from you to do so

The information is still needed for legal claims

We need to use the information to establish and/or protect the rights of another entity (legal or natural person)


Users can always request from us to gain access to all the information on them stored on our servers. When such a request is received, you will be provided with your personal data from our databases in a structured, common machine format (for example, a CSV or XML file).


Based on the information available to you, you have the right to file an objection as to how your personal data is handled by us. You can file the objection even if our way of processing is based on our legitimate interests, if you feel your rights or freedoms are endangered.

We keep the right to defend the legitimacy of our practices and prove they outweigh your requests.

International Transfers

You have the right to ask from us the explanation on how your personal data is handled and protected when dealing with entities located outside the European Economic Area. You will be provided with the documents offering such explanations, where we maintain the right to redact certain parts of the said documents to protect any sensitive information they may contain.

Supervisory Authority

As mentioned few times in this Policy, you are fully within your rights to file a complaint about the way we handle and/or process your personal data.

We ask that you always try to resolve any issues you have with us first but you are always entitled to turn to a supervisory authority and ask help from them if you feel such a step is required.


OnlineCasinoReports has safety measures and procedures in place to protect you, the user, from any misuse, lose, or alteration of any and all personal data collected. The site offers Two-step Verification and we strongly encourage all our users to turn on this protective measure via their account settings.


We strive to make your experience at OnlineCasinoReports as enjoyable as possible and we do this by remembering your settings and preferences. To achieve this goal, the site stores cookies on your device(s). Many sites today use cookies to improve the user experience.

Cookies Explained

Cookies are tiny text files storing the information about your preferences when browsing a website, such as language, login information, your region, display settings, etc. These small files are stored locally on your device for later use. Thanks to them, you are not required to enter the stored information again every time you visit a new page on the site.

How We Use Cookies?

At OnlineCasinoReports, cookies are used for the purposes in line with what has been explained in the previous passages. They allow our users to conveniently log back in and help display the relevant content based on the user’s preferences.

You can always disable cookies in your browser and this will not, in any way, shape, or form, restrict or remove your ability to access and fully utilize our website. That said, cookies are there to provide you with a better and smoother overall experience and if you do decide to disable them, it can happen for certain parts of the site not to function as originally intended.

Cookies are used only to store the types of information described herewith in and we will never use cookies to collect and/or store any of your other sensitive personal data.

How to Control Cookies

Since cookies are only stored locally, users have the full control over them. You can always decide to delete some or all of the cookies present on your device and prevent some or all of the websites from placing future cookies. This is usually done using the settings’ section of your web browser.

More information about cookies, how they work, and how you can control them can be found at and


All OnlineCasinoReports employees have only limited access to any personal data stored in our system. The level of access is based on what we believe is required for them to adequately do their jobs.

All safety measures in place are in accordance with the current standards and regulations, aiming to provide the best possible protection for your personal data.

All accounts on OnlineCasinoReports are protected by passwords.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

OnlineCasinoReports reserves the right to alter or update this Privacy Policy at any time. When such alterations or updates are done, all our users will be duly noted.

Policy Last Updated: 31 May 2018 

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