April Fool's Day Gambling Pranks

Published April 1, 2008 by OCR Editor

April Fool's Day Gambling Pranks

There is a grain of truth behind every joke, and this year more than ever. Introducing some of our writers' fantasies, these are possibly April Fool's Day jokes.

Would you laugh if you found any of these headlines on our news pages? Today you can! They are a dime a dozen. Here are our dozen April fool's Day 2008 jokes. Comment and let us know what you bet will be the first to become reality.

Bush Admits: I am a Gambler
The President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, admits to gambling online ever since entering office in 2001. The confession, which shocked the American public, was aired on his National Sunday Address on the radio.

Bush has promised to repeal the gambling ban he signed into force in late 2006, but seems to have forgotten his promise, and himself, in a game of poker online.

Casino Stock Rebound: Managers All Flock Las Vegas
Following news from the US, casino and software companies have sold all their shares at "progressive jackpot" prices. Their success has set new records, far exceeding pre-ban era.

None of the companies' people were available for comment. Answering machines said they have all gone to Las Vegas to bet their winnings and party.

China Joins Online Casino Industry: Transfers Macao to the Web
Following much talk, most of it guesswork, concerning the future role that China will take place in the online casino world, it decides to open its doors.

A billion plus new users were granted free access to online casinos, most of which have abandoned the familiar currencies and support the Chinese yuan only.

Reports have it that somehow - no one knows how really - Macao has disappeared from the face of the earth and reappeared shortly after on the Web.

Google Presents: Casinoogle
After mastering the search engine, developing News Search, Gmail and a google-load of other Web developments, the Mountain View company has introduced - the Casinoogle, the Google Casino.

Its Progressive Jackpot is currently a google dollars, which is some enormous sum of a one followed by a hundred zeros.

Wii Spins Off Gambling Game
Christmas records good bye! April Fool's Day special sales hello!

The sales of the new Wii video game from Nintendo, Called Wii-lette, has roulette players storming the stores across the world. The game requires players to imitate the roulette wheel spin in Wii fashion.

I Just Won a $1,000,000 Jackpot
Please forgive me as I choose to believe my own hoax for a second, and leave my desk.

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