10th PopWins™ Game MonkeyPop™ from AvatarUX Showcases Amazing Artistic Flair

Published April 23, 2022 by Brett C

10th PopWins™ Game MonkeyPop™ from AvatarUX Showcases Amazing Artistic Flair

AvatarUX is no stranger to innovative slot machine games. This popular provider has just introduced the 10th installment of its PopWins™ series. The new game is called MonkeyPop™.

This artfully-crafted slot machine game features a distinctly beautiful Japanese style. The artwork was inspired by the Ukiyo-e woodblock-style prints and Sumi-e ink art. In addition, the 10th installment of the game – MonkeyPop™ – features the proprietary in-game technology of AvatarUX, notably the PopWins™ mechanic.

Players will instantly notice that winning symbols pop on-screen before two other symbols replace them. These symbols immediately expand the height of the reels on the game. This popping action continues until no further wins appear. Once six reels are unlocked during the base game, lower symbols disappear from the screen, and The game will reward players with two free spins. These are associated with a random multiplier.

If players land three bonus symbols or more during a single spin, re-spins will be gifted to players. Now, the reels can grow as high as seven reels in total. Even before players advance to this level, a reward reel awaits players. As players move towards the bonus, it generates several random elements, including multipliers, spins, ways, and multiplier growth.

There are also three unique Buy Bonuses in MonkeyPop™, notably:

  • Regular Bonus
  • Plus Bonus
  • Max Mode

Each of the options mentioned above provides players with increasing winning potential. This can boost your total payouts across different jurisdictions.

As one of the most dynamic iGaming studios in the world, AvatarUX's latest slot is guaranteed to reel in lots of players. It follows hot on the heels of Lollipop™ during Q1 of 2022. Now, with 10 top titles to boot, this series of games has a large and established player base of fans worldwide.

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Initially, AvatarUX launched the MonkeyPop™ slot machine game with company partners, but they will roll out direct integrations with platforms on Thursday, 12 May 2022. The CEO at AvatarUX, Nicola Longmuir, had this to say,

'MonkeyPop™ combines our vaunted PopWins™ mechanic with an incredibly detailed artistic style. We rebuilt our win presentation animations and created an entirely new set of effects to ensure a very distinctive style that evokes the best of Japanese art.

AvatarUX is always on the lookout to bring innovative concepts to market, from mechanics to art style. We think MonkeyPop™ combines many factors to be a unique gaming experience. 

We are incredibly pleased with MonkeyPop™ and our team's beautiful art and design to create a truly outstanding game.'

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