Bodog Introduces...New Parlay Baccarat!

Published February 12, 2014 by OCR Editor

Bodog Introduces...New Parlay Baccarat!

Bodog launched their latest twist on an old classic, Parlay Baccarat, a game that promises low stakes and high yields!

Bodog Casino, a world-leading online gaming site, has recently released its incredibly fast version of Zone Baccarat, one of the most popular Asian casino games on the market today. They have also launched another new exclusive, Zappit Blackjack, and their innovative new creations are creating quite a buzz in the online casino industry.  

But Wait, There's More!

Bodog is on a roll! Their Live Dealer Casino has just added a "parlay" option to its Baccarat tables, bringing an exciting, innovative aspect to this classic game. Their parlay option will give players the chance to turn Baccarat's traditional single series bets into accumulated bets, or as Bodog describes it, "low stake, high yield bets."

How it Works

Parlay Baccarat connects 2-8 consecutive Baccarat rounds within the current card shoe. Players can bet on Player, Banker or Tie, just as in traditional Baccarat, but in the parlay version, winnings from the prior round roll over to the next rounds, until the parlay bet wins or loses. The "high yield" comes from the combined payout when all selections of the parlay bet win. 

About Bodog

Founded in 1994, Bodog Casino has been involved in the online gaming industry since its inception, and they know what they're talking about! From sports betting to casino classics to live dealer games, Bodog has it all, and offers it all to players around the world.

Stay tuned to their next endeavor, Zone21©, to be launched later on in 2014. Zone21© will offer a suite of new blackjack games that will boast the quality and smoothness that Bodog is known for.


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