Custom-made Games and Accesible Gaming Solutions: A Q&A With Imagina Gaming

Published June 4, 2019 by Admin

Custom-made Games and Accesible Gaming Solutions: A Q&A With Imagina Gaming

Read our interview with Imagina Gaming, one of the fresh game developers with many novel and unique ideas, and find out what they have in store for the future.

We’ve got an opportunity to sit down for a short interview with Andrew Gauci, the Managing Director at Imagina Gaming, a fresh company devoted to creating novel and unique gaming solutions for the online gambling industry. Imagina has really managed to put itself on the map in the recent period so we took this opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and find out more about the company’s vision and plans for the future.

1. There is no denying the world of online gambling is a very competitive one, as there are many companies offering similar gaming products and solutions, at least on the surface. Can you tell us what it is that makes Imagina stand out from the crowd?

Imagina is a technology company dedicated to creating engaging games of chance. Harboring a true commitment to quality and innovation, Imagina's mission is to provide unique gaming products which enable its clients to stand out. Mobile ready, feature rich and boasting premium audio-visual experiences, Imagina games are designed both for the casual gamer, as well as enticing players looking for something different from the average video slot.

With an increasing operator trend to cater for regional market tastes, Imagina games are also designed as a tool to attract and retain players within target markets. Technology wise, the company's solutions run on a decentralised platform capable of handling huge volumes in an elastic and scalable manner. In line with its innovative foundations, Imagina also offers white labelling solutions for the creation of games of chance. By breaking down the wall between operator and provider, this opens up a world of possibilities for operators, including true exclusivity, unified branding and gamification opportunities for casino brands, cost-effectively.

2. Among other things, you produce ready-made games for the operators that can be easily integrated into their sites. Your games are certainly different from a majority of what’s offered in the market. How do you see this different approach helping your business partners?

Online gaming is a global industry spanning numerous markets - each of which admitting unique dynamics and nuances. This has seen operators increasingly turning their attention on targeting local player behaviour to maximise revenue potential. However, looking at game portfolios available in the market, the same trend has not quite caught on yet, with many offerings following generic video slot formulas. This is an understandable approach to some extent, due to the universal popularity of video slots. However, this one-size-fits-all approach has also resulted in an under-representation of other tastes and niches, which collectively also make up an important part of the market.

Although video slots will always remain a very popular format, there exist sizeable player segments which are on the look out for niche experiences which prioritise other aspects - beyond the heavy focus on the lengthy animations and movie tie ins. Imagina's solutions are here to target these localised niches, both with the creation of its "gambling" oriented fruit slots, as well as its technology which allow for the creation of exclusive content. In return, this allows operators to provide a more complete offering, targeting additional players and demographics which might not be otherwise accessible with generic offerings.

3. One of services you offer is creation of custom-made games, which might be something many operators could be interested in. Could you explain this process in a bit more detail? What do you require from the operator to get started and aspects do you cover?

The creation of a slot machine to be broadly broken down in two aspects; (i) the mathematical side of the slot, and (ii) the audio-visual experience. This is not to say that both aspects should be considered in isolation, since each factor affects the other during the creation of a slot in order to create an appealing title. Keeping this in mind, we are open to the level of involvement desired by the client. Should the operator be interested in handling the visual aspect of the game, we'd be happy to manage the maths design. Should the client be eager to handle both aspects, we will support such setups as well. Of course, we'd also be happy to extend our expertise with slot machine design to ensure that the best possible result is achieved.

Once the design is finalised, the development aspect is also a collaborative venture. The backend is provided by Imagina, and ensures that the game respects all regulatory requirements (including the use of a licensed random number generator etc). The responsibility of the front-end's implementation can also be handled by either the partner or Imagina. Should the partner manage implementation, the same tools used by Imagina for the creation of its own titles are also made available, as will any required assistance. Finally, the same collaborative spirit applies to the certification process. Crucially, given that the games will be running on the Imagina platform, this implies that all licenses obtained by Imagina will be immediately available to its clients. Game certification can also be handled by Imagina on request.

4. Do you think this idea of easily accessible gaming solutions could be the way of the future? Is this where you think the industry is headed, giving operators a chance to create their own, unique games, so they can offer something that players can’t find anywhere else?

Operators exist in a highly competitive space, one which involves aggressively chasing players' custom from the same limited pool. However, the tools available to operators in order to distinguish themselves from the crowd are rather limited. Enticing players often boils down to activities such as bonus campaigns, and the purchasing of traffic via affiliates. While such tools shall always remain important avenues, more can be done - especially in increasingly saturated markets. In fact, one can easily argue that these solutions are very expensive endeavors with low levels of player "stickiness" - especially if everyone is doing the same thing and players increasingly turn to bonus abuse across different brands.

We believe that Imagina's solutions offer a different tool for operators to distinguish themselves. By offering the possibility to create unique games, we are offering the opportunity to compete based on exclusivity and innovation, rather than marketing budgets. Funds can be spent on driving traffic to the operator, but also re-invested by creating unique offerings which drive up the brand's value. Localisation of content is another very important advantage, allowing operators to create titles which target specific tastes in specific markets, cost effectively. Finally, by breaking down the wall between operator and game provider, this opens up a world of possibilities. Think operators offering exclusive titles across a unified brand. Think of the gamification possibilities, with the operator in full control of the slot machine's mechanics. We have every belief that in the hands of the forward thinking client, the tools provided by Imagina can be a game changer in the industry.

5. Imagina also offers white label solutions for casino operators. In simpler terms, you provide the foundation for anyone looking to start their own online casino. Would you share some more details about what your future business partners can expect to receive if they sign up for your services?

Starting a business in online gaming is a daunting task, requiring various fields of expertise. Technology and design is an important part of the puzzle if the end result is to be an appealing product targeted in the right market. However, solutions to other critical problems are required, including the licensing, and payment solutions. Imagina provides a whole array of solutions, ranging from the technical for the creation of online slots, to supporting services for obtaining necessary licenses and infrastructure to set up and provide a complete, licensed offering.

Thank you Andrew for taking time out of your busy schedule and give us and our readers glimpses into what we can expect in the upcoming period. We wish you best of luck in the future and looking forward to seeing your company’s goals become a reality. From what we’ve heard, it will definitely be an exciting journey.

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