Denmark Rules Poker is about Skill

Published February 28, 2008 by OCR Editor

Denmark Rules Poker is about Skill

Poker tournaments are about skill, not chance, thus legal under Danish gaming laws.

A Danish municipal court has ruled that poker tournaments do not go against Danish gaming laws.

The court decision has arisen through the age-old debate of whether poker is merely a game of chance or if it requires skill. The Lyngby court has ruled that it does in fact require skill and therefore is legitimately legal in the country.

This decision will make one person in particular happy, namely the president of the Danish Poker Association, Frederik Hostrup. Mr. Hostrup had been sued by hotel and restaurant trade organization Horesta on behalf of the nation’s casinos for organizing illegal gambling events.  He has since been acquitted of these charges.

His attorney told a Danish newspaper that "Poker has become a sport of the people." He added that "There are between 200,000 and 300,000 Danes who play poker at least once a week and more than half a million who now play regularly."

Research suggests that there are some 85,000 Danes who may be poker addicts with that number rising.

The court ruling goes against a 2006 decision made by the Justice Ministry’s legal affairs committee that poker was an illegal form of gambling.

According to the Danish criminal law, illegal gambling is games or competitions where the organizer "attempts to achieve a commercial economic gain."

Hostrup’s attorney said that poker is more about betting wisely, playing smart and getting the other players to think you have different cards than those you actually have in your hands.

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