EuroJackpot Reaches €75 Million for Tonight's Drawing

Published May 1, 2015 by Elana K

EuroJackpot Reaches €75 Million for Tonight's Drawing

The grand prize of this week's EuroJackpot has hit €75 million! The drawing will take place on Friday, May 1, 2015.

It’s easy to see why EuroJackpot, one of the newer lotteries in Europe, is quickly becoming more and more popular. Last week’s jackpot was €51 million, and this week’s jackpot has climbed even higher to reach a grand €75 million! The draw will take place this Friday, May 1, and one lucky winner might just come away a millionaire.

EuroJackpot Online

16 countries participate in this transnational European lotto, including Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Spain. (As of now, Spain is the only country that participates both in the EuroJackpot and EuroMillions.) EuroJackpot is also open to players who do not live in participating countries; these players are able to buy online lottery tickets in order to participate. The Lotter and Lottery Master are legitimate websites where players from anywhere in the world can purchase online lottery tickets for the EuroJackpot.

How to Play

Tickets cost €2 per line, and players need to choose five numbers between 1 and 50, and two extra numbers, called Euro Figures, between 1 and 10. To win the grand prize, all 7 numbers must match the 7 numbers drawn. But let’s face it, the odds of hitting the jackpot are very large; that’s why EuroJackpot offers 12 other prizes that can be won through a number of matching variations.

EuroJackpot drawings take place every Friday from their base in Helsinki, Iceland.

EuroJackpot versus EuroMillions

EuroJackpot was originally dreamed up in order to offer some competition to EuroMillions, arguably Europe's most popular lottery. EuroMillions is designed to award huge payouts to winners, but the frequency of jackpot wins is not very high. On the other hand, EuroJackpot’s grand prizes are usually lower that EuroMillions (anywhere between €10 million and €90 million), but they are won much more frequently. As of now, statistics show that players are two times more likely to win at EuroJackpot than at EuroMillions, which is a good reason to go out and buy some tickets today!


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