Gambling Addiction and Crime

Published July 18, 2002 by OCR Editor

Gambling Addiction and Crime

On Monday the FBI conveyed that the recent handful of bank raids were endorsed by gambling casino debts.

Terry Booth, a special agent from the FBI Detroit Office gave an account of the new events that have been occurring, to The Detroit News, saying, "We have seen an increase in the number of people who are robbing banks to pay gambling debts at the casinos." The burglars were said to have been a schoolteacher from Ohio and an electrical engineer from Saginaw.

Rob Hunter, who was once in charge of a gambling addiction program in Vegas, believes that many cases like this, where a school teacher is involved in criminal acts is due to the fact that their gambling addiction has taken over their daily activities trying to support their fix. Leslie C. Washington, the schoolteacher who was charged with theft, tallied up immense losses while gambling in Detroit's casinos.

In July, the schoolteacher acquired a $30 gun and masks resembling those from the film Scream. Miss Washington was given a four-month prison sentence after she and two other accomplices held up a Wayne County Bank, getting away with $11,151.

Along with Miss Washington, Richard Kozlow, an electrical engineer and her partner in crime, pleaded guilty a few months ago for holding up eleven banks in ten states for his criminal acts provoked by his gambling addiction. While on a gambling boat in East Peoria, Illinois, casino personnel recognized him and was later arrested on November 11th. If convicted, Mr. Kozlow could face a life sentence. His trial date is set for sometime in August. Earl Grinols, an economist from the University of Illinois conducted a study insinuating that the rise in crime started subsequent to the opening of casinos three years ago.

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