Illegal Gambling Business Shut Down

Published November 8, 2003 by OCR Editor

Illegal Gambling Business Shut Down

Florida-- After a two-month investigation, Mr. Lucky's Game Room was raided by St. Johns County Sheriff's Office deputies. They found that the business has been running an illegal gambling business under Florida law.

The owner and manager of the business were charged but not taken to jail, according to Deputy Diana Bryant. She said they were cooperative, so complaint affidavits were filed and will be turned over to the State Attorney's Office. "From there a warrant will be issued," Bryant said.

The game room, located at 1952 U.S. 1 South, was raided as six adult video arcade businesses in Volusia County were also shut down, according to the Sheriff's Office. They were: Gold Dust Casino, Nevada 21, The Player Palace, Fantasy 21 & Lucky Spin, Jokers Wild and Wild 777's 2.

Lt. Dale Bryant said the owner of Mr. Lucky's was told the business was illegal from the beginning. He said the machines that patrons feed up to $20 at a time are not a game of skill, but a game of chance, making them gambling machines. He said players hit a button to start the machine, then hit the button again to stop the machine. Based on when the machine stops, the player can win gift certificates or gain credit from the business to play more games.

"The mere pushing of a button does not demonstrate skill," Lt. Bryant said. The games were pre-programmed to win a certain percentage of the time and skill can't manipulate that, according to the Sheriff's Office. Lt. Bryant said the machines will now be analyzed by an expert to make sure they were running illegally.

After the machines were loaded onto a truck bound for the Sheriff's Office evidence compound, complaint affidavits were signed against owner Noreen J. Ayres, 63, and manager Arnold B. Robbins, 65.

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