Indiana To Hike Tax On Riverboats

Published June 27, 2002 by OCR Editor

Indiana To Hike Tax On Riverboats

On Saturday after a forty day assembly, The House Of Representatives approved a new tax plan that would decrease certain taxes and at the same time would increase others.

While the public enjoys a tax break on residential property taxes, ranches and businesses in the state of Indiana, taxes on cigarettes, gambling and commercial taxes will go up. However, the bill sanctions Indiana riverboat casinos to permit a more lax going aboard procedure thus enabling the clientele to enter the casino anytime they please in place of mapped out boarding times.

The Treasury Department anticipates gaining more than several hundred million dollars a year amid the new transformation. The makeover will also benefit those counties that don't have riverboats, pulling in more than thirty million dollars per year in shared proceeds. In the interim Indiana's Governor Frank O'Bannon said that he would assemble legislators for another forty day round of discussions if the plan is not implemented. Baring in mind that the governor acknowledges the fact that the bill may not pass, he seemed to be overly enthusiastic subsequent to the 51-45 ballot saying, "I tell you, I'm an optimist, but I don't smile as much as I used to."

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