NBA Finals Game 6: Last Chance for Cavs

Published June 16, 2015 by Sol FH

NBA Finals Game 6: Last Chance for Cavs

It’s do or die for the Cleveland Cavaliers, down 3-2 against the Golden State Warriors. Game 6 starts tonight at 2:00 GMT.

They have been the underdogs for each and every game of the NBA Finals, but they shocked the world when they went up 2-1. The Cleveland Cavaliers are now within one game of losing the Finals to the Golden State Warriors but have home court advantage and could force Game 7 with a win tonight.

The Warriors bounced back in the last two games and have shown their regular season colors. Steph Curry had a monster Game 5, but the Warrior’s defense still doesn’t have an answer for King James. Averaging 40+ points in the Finals and basically carrying the entire Cavs’ roster on his shoulders, LeBron is proving that he is the best player in the world right now.

Just to put things into perspective, the only players with 35 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists since 1985 have been: LeBron 2009, LeBron 2010, and LeBron 2015x3.

Keys to Game 6 Victory

For the Cavs, victory is dependent on giving LeBron support. Matthew Dallevedova and Timofey Mozgov and Tristan Thompson need to do more because even if LeBron has another 40+ night, without support from his teammates they will let the Finals slip through their fingers.

The Warriors need to continue pressuring LeBron and do a better job of it. Andre Iguodala is doing the best that he can but they need to double team the King all the time. The Warriors must improve through the first three quarters and not need to depend on 30+ point fourth quarters to win games.

Pre-Game Props

Game 6 could be the last time that punters have to make lucrative bets on the NBA this year. If the Warriors win tonight, you’ll be kicking yourself for not making a bet. Bet365 Sportsbook has a long list of pre-game online gambling props for tonight’s game including Over/Under, Point Spread, Score Props, Team Props, Player Props and much more.

Outright, the Warriors are the favorites at 1.57, while the Cavs are yet again underdogs at 2.55.




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