Never Say Never

Published March 22, 2005 by OCR Editor

Never Say Never

Recent murmurs about online casino operations opening up in the US indicate that the impossible may just become possible.

The winds of change are blowing. There have been a few recent changes that may in fact allow online casinos to operate out of the US in the near future. One development that is being closely watched by the online gambling industry is a proposal to run the sites out of North Dakota.

The conservative lobby in the US has been putting immense pressure on the government to keep the sites outlawed but there may come a point where the pressure is too much to suppress. It's hard to justify the total ban when land based casinos operate freely in almost every state in the US. Why should one form of gambling be ruled out while the other is allowed? Essentially you are playing the same games. One is in a virtual setting and the other is in a real setting but other than that, there is really no difference.

Some argue that the convenience of having online games at home is too tempting. But aren't there tons of other temptations online that people can spend their money on? The purpose of the internet is to create a type of virtual entertainment as well as offering services and convenience. The idea is that the internet offers something beneficial to the customer. From online banking, to online grocery shopping to online gambling, the internet is a great place to do all the things you enjoy.

Right now the law that keeps online casino gambling illegal is based on a ruling that predates online casinos. The law prohibits making bets over a phone line. This law has been used as an umbrella to cover online casino betting as well. Perhaps it's time to rethink this ruling and look closer at developing a law that is more appropriately geared towards the internet. Obviously there are other people who are starting to believe the same thing.

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