Non-Fungible News: AdRunner NFT

Published March 15, 2022 by Sol FH

Non-Fungible News: AdRunner NFT

AdRunner mints 10,000 NFTs as a launchpad for its decentralized metaverse advertising platform

In preparation for AdRunner's community-driven ad interface, the decentralized metaverse advertising platform plans to mint 10,000 NFTs. As of March 2022, the NFT platform will open up a new route for advertising in the metaverse via billboard spaces that are owned by users.

The Internet and Web 2.0 have been bolstered by digital advertising, which is presently worth $350 billion and is anticipated to reach $750 billion by 2026. The digital ad market is dominated by a small number of corporations, which may seem like an endless source of growth. A decentralized ad system could replace the present over-reliance on centralized ad giants like Google and Meta, thanks to upcoming large-scale metaverse efforts.

AdRunner is an Ethereum-based platform for individuals and businesses looking to leave a mark on the metaverse. In exchange for AdRunner's native ADR tokens, real estate owners can run adverts on virtual billboards using a framework of "AdBoxes." AdRunner's NFT community members benefit from the AdBox infrastructure, which allows advertisers to expand their communication in the metaverse and generates income streams for AdRunner members.

AdRunner is developing a community of owners by minting 10,000 NFTs and then commencing its NFT sale in 2022. As the project grows, the NFT owners will be able to make decisions on platform governance through the use of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). AdRunner's NFT collective will earn passive income as revenue generated by advertisers on the platform is split among the NFTs staked by their respective owners.

Chris Rios, AdRunner's CMO, claims that "mining the 10,000 NFTs will create the framework for the AdRunner community." Decentralization is vital to avoid falling into old Web 2.0 ad models. We're excited to be part of this pioneering effort to create this platform."

AdRunner and iGaming

Now, one of the biggest draws to the AdRunner platform would be for online casinos and sportsbooks to be able to use AdRunners "AdBoxes," which are metaverse billboards to be placed in prime meta-estate. Decentralized metaverses are a new frontier for many online casinos and AdRunner is the first company that is thinking about advertising. The iGaming industry on a whole has been excellent in moving fast with new technology breakthroughs and AdRunner could be their main marketing arm in virtual worlds.

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