Ohio Bill Set To Legalize Online Sports Betting

Published May 11, 2021 by Sol FH

Ohio Bill Set To Legalize Online Sports Betting

Online sports gambling in Ohio could be on the road to legalization as a new bill made to approve the potential market.

The state of Ohio is now considering a bill that would allow 20 land-based and 20 online bookmaker licenses to operators active therein. The bill has been officially introduced in the state by way of Bill 176, introduced by Niraj Antani. It calls for the online and land-based sportsbetting markets to open in January 2022.

There are two different types of licenses that are permitted under the new legislation. Type A, which would allow for online bookmakers to secure a license for betting via an online sports pool, under one brand each, including a single controller leader who is not able to get more than five of these licenses. Type B will allow land-based operators to allow on-site sports gambling at one retail facility.

There is a $1m license fee required to be paid for both license types, which are non-refundable. This fee will be deposited into the Sports Gaming Revenue Fund. For all applicants, there is a $10k non-refundable application fee. 

The Bill also states that both online and land-based gambling will be taxed at 10%. 

What Will be Permitted?

Just like in other US states, the Bill proposes that betting will be permitted on any professional sport or unique athletic event, collegiate sport, or international sports competition. This is great news for Ohio punters as they have not been able to make bets on sports legally. 

Additionally, the bill also mandates the State Lottery Commission to offer a sports gaming lottery where punters will be able to make wagers on sporting events from those who are at least 21, and located physically in Ohio.

This lottery pool will ask participants to pay a fixed price of $20 per play, wherein the Commission retains a fixed fee. 

Finally, bingo will be allowed to operate by "conducted by charitable organizations for charitable purposes”. Various kinds of bingo will be permitted including traditional bingo, instant bingo, raffles, and punch boards, as long as the proceeds are donated to a public charity or another approved organization/cause. 

There is currently no date for the Senate hearings on Bill 176, but they are expected to begin soon.

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