Online Casinos in 2019: What to Expect?

Published January 1, 2019 by Ivan P

Online Casinos in 2019: What to Expect?

What kind of changes to expect from online casinos in 2019? Faster and simpler payment solutions are well on their way, the gaming offer will continue to grow, but 2019 online casinos will have to face some regulatory challenges as well.

From its very beginnings, the online gambling industry has been a quickly developing sector. Always having to keep up with various changes in areas of technology, regulation, banking, and more, companies involved in the online gambling sector really have their work cut out for them if they want stay afloat in this highly competitive market.

From the players' point of view, however, this is usually a good thing, as it helps create a better, more entertaining environment and more exciting games to enjoy. With 2018 behind us, there is no time like now to try and guess what to expect from online casinos in 2019 and how these expected changes might influence the overall online gambling experience.

2019 - The Year of Virtual Reality (Again)?

For a few years now, the online gambling sector has been toying with the idea of virtual reality (VR) technology. It seems like every new year promises to be the "year of VR" but these promises don't quite come to fruition. We've seen some small movements in this area but they are far from being groundbreaking.

Will 2019 be different in this regard? There is no doubt that 2019 online casinos will continue towards the implementation of new technology and we're likely to see some more developments in the VR sector as well. However, we're probably just not there yet in terms of VR.

While technology does exist, the price point of gadgets required to enjoy a full VR environment still seems too high. On top of this, game developers and online casinos haven't quite found the winning formula for the implementation of this technology in a way that would really get the players' imagination going. So, 2019 will definitely bring some positive movements in this area but we're probably still a couple years away from full-fledged VR casinos.

New Regulatory Changes and Challenges

Laws and regulation regarding online gambling have been undergoing some serious changes lately and this is something online casinos in 2019 will have to deal with on top of their usual day-to-day operations. Many markets are re-regulating or coming up with the regulation for the first time and 2019 casinos will need to adapt.

On one side, there are Nordic countries like Sweden, which represent a very interesting market for the online gambling sector, and which have started to take a rather different approach to regulation. On the other, there are countries like Serbia and Argentina, which are starting to regulate the sector for the first time, creating an atmosphere where gambling providers will have to think on their feet.

Finally, there is the USA, where a long-standing ban on sports betting has finally been lifted, creating a whole new area of possibilities for 2019 online gambling sites. The US has always been one of the most attractive markets out there and these recent changes will certainly influence the business strategy of many major gambling companies.

Wealth of Games to Enjoy

One thing we'll certainly see at online casinos in 2019 is heaps of new games. Game developers are always eager to provide players with fresh, exciting titles to enjoy and new technologies and faster computers give them even more room to explore their options and come up with innovative gaming solutions.

In 2018, we've already seen some developments that could be called groundbreaking, especially in terms of casino slots, and there is no doubt the next 12 months will bring more of the same and, hopefully, some brand new ideas to get excited about.

Online Gambling Made Simpler

While the gambling sector has to deal with regulation on one side, on the other, they're doing everything they possibly can to make the online gambling experience easier, simpler, and more enjoyable, with as few frustrations as possible.

The last few months of 2018 have shown the direction which many online casinos in 2019 are likely to take with regards to these issues. There is a growing trend of faster payment methods and no registration casinos that have been introduced with concepts such as GutsXpress.

Essentially, 2019 online casinos will strive to make it easy for the players to get started. Instead of lengthy registration and verification procedures, the trend is moving towards simpler payment methods, where money can be deposited and withdrawn in just a few clicks, with verification and registration pretty much built-in in the deposit process.

There is clearly a lot to look forward to in terms of online casinos in 2019 across various areas. Although we may not be just there with the whole VR thing, it is pretty clear we'll get to enjoy a faster, safer, and richer gaming environment overall.

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