Online Collection of Oddball Items

Published August 17, 2005 by OCR Editor

Online Collection of Oddball Items

Once again, the Golden Palace online casino is making headlines. Players and industry executives have been scratching their heads over some of the purchases made by it recently.

The latest addition to their collection of oddball items is a pierogi that carries the image of Jesus Christ, for which it paid $1,775 on eBay. Donna Lee, the woman who put the item on auction, lives in Point Place, Ohio. She claims seeing the image of Christ's face appearing before her very eyes, while in the kitchen cooking Polish dumplings for Easter dinner. Lee put the pierogi in her freezer for safekeeping, and has been laying there ever since.

If you have paid close attention to the online casino during the course of the last few months, you would have noticed a recurring theme to the purchases made by it. What does a pierogi bearing the image of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and Pope Benedict XVI's old Volkswagen all have in common? As you can plainly see, the common motif to all of these purchases is religion. It has been stockpiling odd artifacts that have a weird religious connotation.

What could possibly motivate the online casino to keep purchasing these strange items? For one, each time they purchase another one of these peculiar items, it gets us all talking and writing about it. This is a great way to score some free publicity, and as the famous saying goes - there is no such thing as bad publicity. Our prospective is different. To us, it was willing to shill out over a thousand dollars for a measly pierogi. They views it as purchasing free publicity all over the internet for less than two thousand bucks.

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