Possible Online Gambling Trends for 2016

Published February 26, 2016 by Mike P

Possible Online Gambling Trends for 2016

OCR previews a 2016 in which the US online gambling industry, responsive mobile sites, and Bitcoin will all be affected.

Another new year has OCR considering which online gambling trends are most likely to occur in 2016. Among the topics to feature are US online gambling, responsive mobile sites, and the widespread uptake of Bitcoin.

US Online Gambling Growth is Unlikely

Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware were way ahead of the game when they chose to legalise online gambling. After those three states legalised online gambling, many would have expected other states to follow suit. However, that has not been the case, with other prospective states electing to stall on the matter.

New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois are three potential prospects for online casino legalisation, while California and Pennsylvania are more focused on online poker. Regardless, though, all three states are unlikely to introduce any form of legislation in an election year when bold decision-making could cost votes. Wait for 2017 before the US online gambling industry expands further.

Responsive Sites to Replace Mobile Apps

Currently, all leading websites understand how important it is to have responsive sites that reposition seamlessly to look their best on an array of devices. Web developers can make a site look great on laptops, smartphones, and browsers without having to waste time and resources developing several different apps.

Many leading casinos realised that they could save resources by developing a single responsive site in 2015, enabling them to move on from rigid apps that can exclude large customer bases. Expect for 2016 to be the year when only the world’s most successful gambling sites continue to support mobile apps.

Bitcoin Presence to Increase

Historically, the online gambling industry has been a fantastic innovator at virtually every level. For years, the industry has been accepting alternative payment methods like Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, paysafecard, and many others. Therefore, it is highly likely that 2016 is the year when Bitcoin it more widely accepted.

Thus far, it has been the smaller, more boutique casinos that have integrated Bitcoin payments. However, this should be expected to change throughout 2016, with some leading casinos eager to steal an advantage on their competitors by catering to their customers’ needs. Bitcoin is highly secure and easy to use, making it a worthwhile addition.

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