The Worldwide Gambling Industry Stands in Solidarity with Ukraine

Published March 16, 2022 by Brett C

The Worldwide Gambling Industry Stands in Solidarity with Ukraine

The global gambling industry has rallied in support of Ukraine in light of the Russian invasion. The outpouring of support has united individuals from all walks of life. Everyone feels a sense of responsibility towards the unjust, illegal, and criminal actions taking place. It’s a testament to the global consciousness.

Ukraine is a key player in the global gaming industry. Many organizations employ Ukrainians in high-tech, software development, online gambling, and related fields. Ukraine is a major tech hub for the online gaming world, and industry enthusiasts are fully aware of that. For this reason, many organizations in the global gambling industry are working as one, establishing various support mechanisms and structures to help the Ukrainian people during this trying time.

Choose Love Ukraine Crisis Fundraiser

The gambling industry launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise £2,500,000. The name of the campaign is: Choose Love's Ukraine Crisis Fundraiser, and it's already racing towards its target. At the time of writing, the Choose Love Ukraine Crisis Fundraiser had generated £2,377,678.22. The aid money will provide for the refugees flooding out of Ukraine and into neighboring NATO and non-NATO countries like Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, France, Germany, and Moldova, among others.

The Gaming Industry for Ukraine said, 'We elected to support Choose Love after extensive research, as they can make use of the funds raised in the quickest and most efficient manner by assisting those who need it the most. We urge every company who can to join us in this effort.' The fundraiser is currently delivering services and essential aid to all individuals in Ukraine and to those who are leaving the country. The funds are being directed at providing food, emergency medical attention, legal support, mental health, clothing, shelter, and for the needs of the LGBTQIA community.

Industries are Rallying in Support of the People of Ukraine

Besides money, the campaign also requests physical products, inventories, and materials such as water bottles, power banks, towels, clothing, and unused merchandise – anything that can assist their efforts. Companies with unused stark from planned promotions are being urged to support the millions of refugees in need. Companies that want to donate products and overflow stock are encouraged to contact

Scores of inspirational initiatives have been set up, and many more are still being developed as we speak. Individual elements in the gaming industry have joined forces to provide robust support by working as one. Their friends, colleagues, and supporters in Ukraine benefit directly from these initiatives. The current efforts show the gambling industry for what it is in a time of crisis – a force for good.

 The chief executive officer of Atlas in Ukraine, Sergei Efimenko, said, 'Many of our IT developers have joined the Territory Defence, and many others are helping to build protections on the streets. Where there were nice flowers and fountains, now we build anti-tank protection and positions for machine guns. But at the same time, we as a company have obligations for our partners, so from different places in Ukraine, sometimes even from underground - wherever you can catch mobile internet or get a laptop - people are doing their job. People are getting used to living with alarms and explosions and spending nights in the underground.'

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