Top Cryptocurrency Players Descend on Moscow to Integrate Blockchain

Published April 19, 2017 by Lee R

Top Cryptocurrency Players Descend on Moscow to Integrate Blockchain

Cryptocurrency has shown a lot of benefits: now Blockchain will too.

A lot of people have heard of cryptocurrency at this point, but they are still not aware of the vital technology that undergirds it, nor are they aware of the benefits to be had from the technology that Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies rely upon.

The Conference

Today, the world’s premiere exhibition of crypto wallet and mining hardware is coming to Moscow’s Digital October in the form of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia.

Blockchain Splashes Down

The largest platform to exhibit Bitcoin wallets, mobile applications and mining hardware in Eastern Europe is set to unveil a full range of crypto wallet and mining software.

Greater Blockchain Services

Among presenters at Blockchain & Bitcoin will be a world renowned tech company already boasting a customer base of a half-million: HashCoins is set to demo devices for mining BTC and altcoins along with of other blockchain-based services.

Software and Hardware

Software and hardware will be showcased by mining farm solution providers 51ASIC, Giga Watt and BitMoney, with BitMoney also set to present a mobile application for P2P cryptocurrency exchange.

Blockchain Education

Blockchain & Bitcoin Demo visitors will learn about hot Blockchain topics such as the terms and cost of service maintenance and how Blockchain can optimize almost any production design.

Cryptowallet Demos

Demonstration of how crypto wallets work will be provide by presented by leading Keepkey hardware wallet manufacturers and MaRSe.

Crypto-brokers and Bankers

Cryptocurrency brokers Solvena and Bitlish will be on hand to address use and integration of cryptocurrency into the global economy, while progressive cryptocurrency bank Polybius Bank will make their services available as well.  

Blockchain Series Growing

The event is one in a series of annual Blockchain & Bitcoin events, along with the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and welcoming Estonia and Sweden to the series this year as well.  


This is a golden opportunity to meet Blockchain specialists directly and get to work on new deals harnessing the greater benefits of the technology behind the technology. 

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