UK Referendum Has Operators, iGaming World on Edge

Published April 11, 2016 by Lee R

UK Referendum Has Operators, iGaming World on Edge

Operators are likely to publicly oppose the referendum to depart the EU with increasing vigor.

With a referendum coming up on whether the UK should remain in the EU or vote to leave it, UK Gaming operators are set to come down firmly on the side favoring the UK's remaining in the EU.

Fight Tooth and Nail

They went so far as to tell iGaming Business that they would “fight tooth and nail” for the UK to remain in the European Union.

Why UK Might Go

Set to take place on the 23rd of June, the referendum has spurred the first public statement of operator views on the UK’s Europe referendum. The arguments are multiple, with points of contention ranging from the ideals of the EU to travel logistics to EU tariffs.

Operator Call to Arms

Speaking for a major London-listed operator, one source told iGB that all iGaming companies had a “duty” to stand up for the freedom of movement and assert the right of establishment across EU borders.

Ego Battle?

There are concerns within the ranks of professional operators that partisan political differences in the UK Parliament could compromise the business interests and benefits of all involved, from operators to government to local communities of taxpayers. The unnamed source saying the matter was far too important to be left to what amounted to “a Tory party pissing contest between (UK Prime Minister David) Cameron and (challenger and London mayor Boris) Johnson.”

Logistical Snafu

Another iGB contact claiming to speak for leading iGaming executives asserted that “If the UK votes for Brexit our travel arrangements will be thrown into chaos. How are we supposed to travel monthly, weekly, sometimes daily! To Gibraltar, Malta or Germany if we’re out of the EU?! The visa arrangements will be a total nightmare.”

A departure from the EU of its far most most successful, profitable and established regulation model would likely necessitate significant restructuring of current EU licensing requirements as well as individual national licensing systems.

Wait and See

At any rate, each UK voter will address his or her concerns and the concerns of their constituents first, regardless of the actual reasons for initiating the referendum or the greater ramifications. The iGaming world can only watch and wait.

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