Unique Monthly Jackpot Game Launched by IWG

Published April 25, 2022 by Brett C

Unique Monthly Jackpot Game Launched by IWG

IWG (Instant Win Gaming) has officially launched the first of its kind jackpot game. Known as Monthly Jackpot, this IWG showstopper is available to legal-age players for the Michigan Lottery!

Instant Win Gaming (IWG) is a leading provider of e-Instant games to the NASPL and WLA-member lotteries, has unveiled a first-of-its-kind jackpot game known as Monthly Jackpot. Thanks to the combined efforts of InstantPulse and InstantReplay, this brand-new game is now available.

IWG's new release – Monthly Jackpot – is designed expressly for the Michigan Lottery. It is powered by InstantReplay (IWGs second chance feature-set) and InstantPulse (the automatic updating division for visuals and graphics). This e-Instant game is an all-new reactor tumble game. There is a second-chance progressive jackpot awarded once a month.

It's a cinch accumulating entries into the second chance drawing: Play the game, and you're in. A percentage of proceeds goes toward the second chance prize. Then, at the end of the month, a drawing is held by the Lottery. That's when a lucky winner is selected. That's who wins the jackpot payout.

But that's not all. The game automatically updates its visuals on the first day of the new month. So expect a profusion of new themes, symbols, and colours. This ramps up the action with the second chance progressive jackpot all set and ready to go.

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InstantReplay & InstantPulse

Instant RGS (Remote Game Server) contains both InstantReplay and InstantPulse. This means that lotteries can launch e-Instants featuring these powerful capabilities with absolutely no dev support needed at the iLottery platform level.

The Monthly Jackpot game validates IWG's ongoing strategic partnership with the Michigan Lottery. The recent announcement of a partnership extension to continue supplying InstantGames digital e-Instant attractions through July 2026 is an example.

The CEO of IWG, Rhydian Fisher, said, 'Monthly Jackpot blends InstantReplay and InstantPulse to deliver a genuinely novel e-Instant. In addition, it's fantastic to see this game go live with our long-time partner, the Michigan Lottery. We put a lot of effort into delivering a brand-new style of an e-Instant progressive jackpot that is fully in keeping with a traditional lottery second chance program.

And, we expect the game's frequent updating of colors, symbols, and themes to set a whole new standard for e-Instants going forward. Credit must go to the Michigan Lottery for becoming the first to launch Monthly Jackpot, and we're confident it will lead to superior results.'

About IWG

Instant Win Gaming is a leading provider of e-Instants. These instant win games are provided to NASPL and WLA-member lotteries. The company has been in the business for two decades and features top-tier attractions for players. Every year, some 300+ InstantGames are developed for a global player base. Players are treated to engaging attractions and an award-winning portfolio of games.


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