US Powerball Jackpot Standing at $184 Million for Tonight's Draw

Published April 13, 2016 by Arthur M

US Powerball Jackpot Standing at $184 Million for Tonight's Draw

As no-one hit the jackpot on Saturday night, the big prize in the US Powerball lottery has rolled over to an estimated $184 million.

The US Powerball lottery jackpot is starting to creep up again, with the estimated prize for getting all the numbers right this Wednesday being $184 million, or a $122 million instant cash payout.

With jackpots that have recently reached an unprecedented $1.58 billion, the US Powerball is arguably the biggest in the world, and once jackpots start to get to higher levels it gets even bigger, attracting lots of extra players who are all hoping for a massive windfall.

How To Play The Powerball Lottery

The bigger jackpots have come about by a change in the game format, which now requires players to match 5 main numbers from a pool that has gone up to 69. This has made it harder to scoop the jackpot, but easier to win a lower-level prize, so overall there are more winners.

As well as the main numbers, players also need to select a single 'Powerball' from 1 to 26 and matching them all wins the jackpot, which will be shared if more than one ticket has the right numbers.

Jackpots are paid out as a lump sum minus taxes, or in annual instalments over 30 years with extra payments each year to counter the rise in the cost of living.

Playing Online

Until recent years, it was only possible to get tickets for local lotteries, meaning that only those who lived in the 44 participating states could play the US Powerball. However, with the introduction of online services like The Lotter, Play USA Lotteries and LottoBooking, it's become easy for people from around the world to play this, and all the other main games online.

Numbers are selected in the usual way, and any prizes are forwarded directly to the players. The time differences need to be taken into consideration, as the US Powerball draw takes place at 23.00 EST, and tickets must be purchased an hour before that. So UK residents for example, have until 03.00 Thursday to enter. 

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