VibraGaming Releases Unique Casino Games for Players

Published April 1, 2022 by Brett C

VibraGaming Releases Unique Casino Games for Players

VibraGaming is a bold, new entrant to the online casino arena. Already, this Argentinian-based provider is cutting a swathe with players worldwide. Two exciting new titles have been released, including Monkey Treasure and Millionaire Strike, with other games in the wings.

Vibra Gaming is upping the ante with an exciting selection of online casino games for players to enjoy. This Latin American provider is peppered with exciting games, including video slots, video bingos, table games, lottery games, and Brazilian classics. These themed attractions are big on entertainment value, with a full suite of features, in-game elements, and lots of added value.

Monkey Treasure Casino Game

Two exciting games by VibraGaming have made a big splash on the gaming scene, including Monkey Treasure and Millionaire Strike. Our in-house gaming aficionados decided to test these titles out. Monkey Treasure a.k.a., El Tesoro del Mono, is an exciting video game with a maximum immersive appeal. Here are some game details to put it into perspective:

  • RTP – 91.13%
  • Hit Ratio – 90%
  • Volatility – 2/5 (low volatility)
  • Maximum Win – 19 X your bet size

Getting Started – The Theory

Monkey Treasure casino game loads up directly from your browser using HTML 5 functionality. Set deep in the Amazon jungle, El Tesoro Del Mono™ (Monkey Treasure) is bustling with activity. The mischievous little monkey stands ready to do some damage with a catapult in his left hand and plenty of gold coins in the other.

The game consists of 10 rows of vessels. Each of the rows features one urn less than the previous row. Players are tasked with selecting one vessel from one row. There are green vessels, golden vessels, and red vessels. Your objective in the game is to make your way to the Great Monkey Treasure.

A bonus round of play is activated when you reach the Golden Vessel. Three wooden chests will appear with the word Bonus illuminated above them. Multipliers range from 1X your bet size to 18 X your bet size at the top. Initially, players choose the bet size they wish to face in the challenge; the bigger your bet, the greater the potential rewards.

Playing Monkey Treasure – The Experience

If you've ever played video games before, you understand how important the first-person interactive experience is. In Monkey Treasure, the action takes place from your POV with the catapult in hand. Aim at one of the vessels before you, and let her rip. With each shot you take at the vessels, you move deeper inside an ancient tomb, with torches on either side illumining the way forward. As you advance deeper into the treasure-filled chambers, you will come upon a locked door – that's the treasure vault.

Watch what happens when the monkey rewards you with winnings. You want to avoid the red vessels on your way towards the treasure. They will strip you of your winnings and leave you bone dry. Instead, try to aim for the gold-filled vessels as you power your way into the chamber of gold coin. Monkey Treasure is an altogether thoroughly rewarding casino game. It marks a fascinating new chapter in casino game development. Interactive elements allow players to determine the game's progression in real-time.

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Getting Started - Millionaire Strike

Millionaire Strike is a lottery-style game by VibraGaming. This soccer-themed attraction features a fully immersive effect with players on the field. It's played from a first-person POV, with a referee, teammates and opposition players. It's a multi-level scratch card game where players advance through different stages towards higher-level prizes. Here are some game details to put things into perspective:

  • RTP – 89.99%
  • Hit Ratio – 83.33%
  • Volatility – 1/5 (low volatility)
  • Maximum Win – 18.124X your bet size

Getting Started – Millionaires Strike

The objective of Millionaire Strike is to take charge of the action on the field of play to score a goal. You begin by choosing a team and placing your bet. Then, players pass the ball to an available box, and if it's the right box, you will inch closer towards your goal. You can continue passing the soccer ball around the field or withdraw your winnings whenever you want. This game also features a bonus round of play, and if you score a goal, the Bonus is yours to enjoy.

Now let's look at how this game plays out in real-time! Titled Goleada Millonaria (Millionaires Strike), this game allows you to choose your team. Team selections include Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Granted, these are great teams! However, once you've made your selection, you must choose your bet size. The smallest bet size is $0.01, increasing up to $2.50. With your bets selected, click start. The action commences in the first half (as expected).

Initially, you have an aerial view of the entire football field. As the goalkeeper, you pass the ball to your defenders, who then run with the ball towards the midfield. You can select where you want to pass the ball in real-time. As you make your way from your side of the field to the opponent's side of the field, you will eventually be locked in a one-on-one with the opposing team's goalkeeper. Then, you have four different areas to shoot the ball. Top left, top right, bottom left, or bottom right.

Once you shoot and score, the second half begins. You will then be on the opposite side of the field (on your screen). The process repeats as you move towards the opposing goal. The crowds are going wild, and the action reaches fever-pitch levels on the field. It's a fiesta of football-themed entertainment. This one stands head and shoulders above the competition as far as scratch card games go. It's an incredible video game achievement for a traditional scratchcard game. Sometimes, you'll be given a penalty kick with three defenders in front of the goal. It's hit or miss – but you won't know until you try!

Monkey Treasure and Millionaire Strike are the latest in interactive casino games from leading Latin American developer VibraGaming. There's no doubt the casino industry will be eager to develop many more titles like these, given their raging success. These games show that instant fun can be an instant hit too!

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