What's in Store for 2006?

Published January 1, 2006 by OCR Editor

What's in Store for 2006?

2005 saw some major action. From the volley of online casinos that declared IPO's last year to the new software technology and games that hit the market; 2005 was a busy year. But more importantly there are a lot of excited fans and investors waiting to

Perhaps some ground breaking new gambling software or drastically improved internet technology that will add an entirely new dimension to what it means to play online.

Over the past few years the online casinos have done a lot to make the process of online gambling more involved and exciting for the player. Standard download software saw the addition of new technology designed to make them more enjoyable and convenient. Java and Flash instant games helped the players get instant access without downloading or installing software. Mobile games have also taken flight and many players enjoy great games like poker and blackjack from their hand held units. This technology revolution has allowed players to take their favorite sites with them.

So the question is whether 2006 will see the same kind of marvel and innovation. With the penetration and affordability of internet entertainment continuously on the rise, more and more players are joining up and this creates healthy competition that is often the reason for new features and cutting edge technology. While the online casinos vie for our business we enjoy the benefits of more enjoyable gambling technology. Hopefully some of that is headed our way in 2006.

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