Wizard Games Releases Blackjack!

Published April 24, 2022 by Brett C

Wizard Games Releases Blackjack!

Wizard Games has just unveiled its latest attraction – Blackjack! This age-old casino card game remains one of the most popular games in the world. Players are tasked with beating the dealer's hand total without exceeding 21.

Blackjack, a centuries-old casino game dating back to the 1700s in Europe, got a big boost thanks to Wizard Games. Based on skill, strategy, and good fortune, Blackjack brings all these elements into sharp focus. Basic blackjack strategy goes a long way toward fine-tuning your skills as a blackjack player.

Players can Double, Split, and Take Insurance when the dealer's upcard is an Ace. This medium-volatility table game is about scoring a higher number of points than the dealer, without exceeding 21. Players also have the option of playing three hands simultaneously.

How to Play Blackjack

Play begins by choosing your bet size from the chip denominations featured on the bottom of the table. These include $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $500. Once bets have been placed on the respective circles, players must click the green deal button in the centre of the screen. Two cards are dealt face up to each hand being played. One of the dealer's cards will be visible; the other is face down.

Next, a green downward-facing arrow will display the current hand and available playing options. Players can hit, stand, or double the bet. If the insurance option is applicable, it will be presented. Once all player selections have been finalized, the dealer's hole card is flipped over, and the dealer acts according to the rules of play.

The minimum bet in the game is $1, and the maximum bet is $500 per hand played. It's possible to play up to $1500 during one round by playing three hands simultaneously, or as little as $1 with just one hand played. Insurance bets cost 50% of the original wager placed. There are five primary playing actions available to players.

  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Double X2
  • Split
  • Insurance

In Wizard Games' Blackjack, the dealer must stand on all 17s (hard and soft) and Draw to 16. Blackjack pays 3:2, and Insurance pays 2:1. The table layout is ostensibly stylish, with a green felt and veneered wood with brass cupholders. Soothing background music is coupled with a posh blackjack host narrating the action.

Cool Game Features

Wizard Games Blackjack also features the last ten hands from the dealer. This includes wins, losses, and blackjack results. On the footer of the screen, players will see their remaining balance on the bottom left, the last win in the middle, and the bet size on the far right.

When the player has Blackjack, and the dealer shows an Ace upcard, the option to have 'even money is presented. Overall, this game has a 99.59% RTP (return to player), among the highest of all casino games. That means that players can expect to win back $99.59 for every $100 wagered in Blackjack over the long term.

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