World Poker Tour Foxwoods Update

Published April 6, 2008 by OCR Editor

World Poker Tour Foxwoods Update

Every sport has winners and losers. The first day of the Foxwoods Poker Classic has come to an end leaving the Poker fans anxious for day 2.

The arrival of day 1 of the World Poker Tour Foxwoods Poker Classic has given 367 poker players the opportunity to receive a champion's prize of $967,300. In addition to the financial prize, a $25,500 seat at the World Poker Tournament will be provided for this event's winner.

Win Big or Lose It All
Nam Le captured attention with his legendary pocket 10s. Steve Fiorentini raised every time he had a chance. Le kept matching his bet and even raised to an astonishing 12,500. When the River was presented, Fiorentini moved Le all in and presented the pocket Aces he was hiding this whole time. Le presented his own pair leaving his opponent with an astonished expression on his face, staring at the third 10 that landed in the flop. In just one hand, Le jumped up to the top of the board with 87,600.

Lose It All or Win Big
The day has left some players with gravely disappointed. David Pham, previously acknowledged by Card Player as Player of the Year, sat by his cards with a silly stack of 2,500. With an A-10 in his hands, Pham recognized the position he was in and accepted his disadvantage by moving all in. With 20 minutes remaining in the first level, Pham was the first professional player to leave the game when his opponent presented an A-J.

Sitting beside him in the early elimination room were players like Amnon Filippi, T.J. Cloutier, Lee Markholt and Tom Dwan. The day ended with 218 players surviving for yet another day of poker.

Happy Happy, Joy Joy
Quite a scene was created when Steve Buckner performed his "Happy Dance" upon seeing the last heart he needed for a flush come down on the river, beating his opponent's set of queens. Loud roars of victory echoed throughout the room as the entire tournament expressed its support of his excitement by applauding and cheering.

With an average stack of just 33,376, Raj Patel closed the day with an impressive 192,000. Behind him were Paul Snead (182,775), Brock Parker (180,475) and Barry Greenstein (156,200).

Day 1 has displayed miserable defeat and ground breaking victories. As day two arrives, 218 players anxiously wait for noon to arrive in order to display they're skill, luck, and determination.

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