Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements

The promise for a hefty sign-up bonus has some requirements, terms and conditions that come along with it.

When looking for a good sign up bonus, it's not about big numbers, but rather in reading the fine print. What may look attractive to you at first might actually be a major financial pitfall, especially if you're only at a beginner stage. This is because sign up bonuses are not transferred to your online account instantly (wishful thinking for you).


The sign up bonus, rather, is transferred, or cashed out by you, according to you reaching a certain wagering minimum, or playthrough requirements. This can range from three times the initial deposit, to up to forty times your initial deposit + bonus. Also be careful to note that casinos require that your initial deposit reach a certain minimum, and that you wager in a certain chip value, such as $25 chips only. Now you can see how even the smallest bonus might suit you better!


Additionally, sign up bonuses generally have a validity period, as they are not instantly handed out. You might not be able to wager the amount required in order to receive your bonus within the given time frame. Whether this is because of time or financial difficulties, it makes double checking this aspect worthwhile. Moreover, you might only be able to use your bonus on certain games, that you either don't like or don't know how to play. And finally, when playing for chips in games like poker, receiving your bonus is dependent upon you winning the pot a certain amount of times, simply in order to qualify!

Terms and Conditions

All this information can be found in the terms and conditions of the site, which is sometimes placed alongside the bonus offer or sign up link. So in short, a good deal is made up of good conditions, so always read them before signing up! Once you fully understand these, you can move on to the next lesson that will teach you about more advanced programs that help the established gambler join profitable bonus programs such as VIP Clubs.

Qualifying Games

Notice too that not all games qualify for meeting the wagering requirements, or at least don't all qualify equally. This could mean one of two things: some games are excluded, therefore your opportunities are limited; or the bonus is in fact tailored especially for specific games, e.g. slots.

Deposit / Bonus / Deposit+Bonus

This part is perhaps the most important, along with the actual number attached to the Wagering requirements. It is, namely, what are you wagering?

The casino could require you play a certain amount of times your initial deposit, or play through the bonus you received. It could, however, ask you to play the total amount - deposit and bonus - a certain amount of times.

Do the math and see if deposit x20, or bonus x25, or deposit+bonus x10 are not in fact the same, and which is best for you.

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