100 Hand Video Poker

Published June 20, 2009 by OCR Editor

100 Hand Video Poker

Play the games of your life with only 5 cards.

In what must surely be described as poker nirvana, online players are now able to satiate themselves with up to 100 hands of video poker simultaneously. The concept is as thrilling as the game and players are lapping it up in a whirlwind of frenzied poker action.

How does it work?
The good news is that old poker hands and novices alike will find no difficulty navigating their way through this new style poker den. Imagine playing a regular hand of poker 100 times - simultaneously. It's riveting action in a fraction of the time it would take to sit in on normal length games. 5 cards are dealt, players make the best hand by holding certain cards, and all those kept cards apply to all other sets of 5 cards dealt for that hand.

How it differs?
On a positive note, a player would simply enjoy playing a good hand and reap the rewards of as many games that are played on that specific hand. It's like being at up to 100 different tables at the same time. Play well and it pays well. That's the essence of Multi-Hand Video Poker. If you're dealt anything close to a Royal Flush you may just fancy your chances when you're sitting in on 100 games with the same hand. The cost of each bet is multiplied by the number of games played.

Going bigger
Players love the thrill of knowing that they can bet anything from a few pennies upwards per hand played. The more hands and the more wagered, the more the payout and the total cost. But it's that same cost that can translate into high-powered winnings when the game is done. It's just a simple matter of hitting the Deal button. Individual draw screens become insignificant as computers take over and let you know how you're doing. If you got the need for speed and lots of it - then 100 Hand Video Poker is the game to beat.

Watch the game here. Play the game at River Belle Casino.

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