100 Million Dollar Sports Prize Launched

Published May 28, 2010 by OCR Editor

100 Million Dollar Sports Prize Launched

Titan Bet offers a $100 million prize for World Cup 2010 predictions.

Football fans should now be even more excited about the fast approaching FIFA World Cup finals. TitanBet, a giant (as their names suggests) of UK sports betting is offering $100 million (yes, that figure does have 9 zeros!) to the person who correctly predicts the outcome of all 64 world cup matches.

$100 Million Mania

TitanBet are now promoting their "$100 Million Mania" campaign. Commercials on British TV and TitanBet's official YouTube channel, as well as billboard ads throughout the UK, are touting "the biggest prize in sport this summer." But some fans are skeptical about the chances of anyone bagging the maximum $100 million prize.

$1 million for the closest prediction

So just how likely is that someone could accurately predict the results of 64 football matches before the first one is even played? Well, not very. But perhaps that's fair enough – this is a massive prize for a massive betting achievement. Moreover, if no one manages to get all 64 predications right, there's a not-be-sniffed-at $1 million prize for the person who comes closest.

Win, Lose or Draw

Fans should also know that you don't actually have to predict the scores...

Some investigation on TitanBet's homepage reveals that the forecasts are on a win, lose or draw basis – no scores involved. Visit TitanBet to complete your prediction form in English, French, German or Italian.

  • For Round One matches, click on the team you think will win, or select the "draw" option.
  • Moving on to Round Two. From here on in, the predication works like a flow chart – for each match, you click on the team you think will proceed into the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and the Final.
  • Lastly, select your rankings for the last four teams, from World Cup Champion 2010 to the last runner up.
The Clock Is Ticking

This window of opportunity will close the moment the first match kicks off on June 11, so visit Titan Bet to get your predictions in now.

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