1x2 Gaming Introduces Roulette Diamond: Cross Between Roulette and Slots

Ivan P. - May 21, 2018

With the board featuring 41 numbers, various betting options, and slightly higher overall RTP, Roulette Diamond should be well-received by the players.

1x2 Gaming has announced the latest addition to their rich gaming library in Roulette Diamond, a game based on traditional roulette but featuring somewhat different gameplay, slightly better overall Return To Player, and more action on each spin.

Expanding the Roulette Board

The traditional European roulette board comes equipped with 36 red and black numbers and a single green zero. Roulette Diamond expands the board to include 40 numbers and the zero, offering players a variety of betting options.

The betting board features a diamond-like shape (hence the name), and players have various wagering options, from betting on straight numbers (at 39 to 1 odds), splits (19 to 1), corners, and coves. Other than this, players can bet on different columns and rows and given the irregular shape of the board, odds change based on how many numbers there are in any particular row or column. Of course, traditional even-money bets like red or black and odd or even are also available.

The Wheel Is Out

Other than the irregular shape of the felt and more numbers to bet on, Roulette Diamond is also different in that it doesn't feature the traditional roulette wheel. Instead, once the bets are placed and the spin begins, there is a virtual ball that will start moving across different fields until it eventually stops to determine the winner. This makes Roulette Diamond an interesting cross between the traditional, hugely popular table game and video slots.

Since some players can never have enough action, Roulette Diamond will roll out with the multiball feature, allowing for more than one spin at the same time. This option will be subject to regulatory requirements, so it may not be available across all casinos.

With sharp graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and even bigger winning opportunities, 1x2 Gaming's CCO Kevin Reid expects this hybrid game will be met with a great response from the players. The company is currently in the negotiation phase with a number of big operators so we'll likely see Roulette Diamond made available for play in the near future.



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